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08-10-2009, 02:06 PM
I have begun getting my stuff together and pakcing for my first ever trip to GenCon, so I've been trying figure out what I need to bring. I had recalled that someone had done a segement way back in 2007 about GenCon Survival, and while some of it might be a bit late in terms for plannin this year, it does noffer some useful advice. So I did some digging, and found the episode that Merlask Guest-hosted for Jerry, Episode 22, back on june 30th 2007.

BIG HUGE IMPORTANT NOTE: Any and all references to the GenCon/DDO party meet up in this episode, are for 2007, AND SHOULD NOT BE CONFUSED with the party at Jillians this year, that Jerry and Phoenixfire organized.

Anyway, some of the must have survival items mentioned in the show were:
- Backpack
- Water/Water bottle
- Comfortable walking shoes
- Your Offical Welcom Kit w/Schedule of Events

I'd add:
- a Camera
- Dice (Rowanheal)
- note book and pen
- digital voice recorder (hey you never know).
- foam weapon
- cell phone
- mobile internet/email device

I've also started this thread over at the DDOCast.com (http://www.ddocast.com)forums as well: link (http://s7.zetaboards.com/Ddocast/topic/8173352/1/?x=0)