View Full Version : Saturday Morning Toons

08-06-2009, 08:45 PM
There is a Saturday morning toons static group that will be starting on the Ghallanda server. I ask all that would participate to make a new character and try to theme your toon after your favorite saturday morning cartoon character. Lighthearted roleplay is welcome since we will be playing our favorite cartoons.

This will be a very easy-going group. Don't feel pressed to min/max. Feel free to take stats and skills that would be appropriate for your character even if not necessarily the best choice for gameplay. This is meant to be a fun group and we will not be zerging.

Quests will be run in order listed by the adventure compendium listed by level. We will taking each quest in order on normal.

One example of a character might be BamBam the barbarian who only uses great clubs and wears the starting rags from Korthos.

We will also be playing by the permadeath ruleset. For any who are unfamiliar with this style of play, please see our guild forums at: http://valhallapdguild.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=groups&action=display&thread=464

If you are interested please PM me on the forums here or sign up on our guild website. If you just want to show up, then show up Saturday, Aug 8th at 8AM Eastern Time and look for someone in the Valhalla PD Guild with a cartoony name!!

New players always welcome!!