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08-05-2009, 09:23 AM
I want to give a public tip of the hat to my fellow guildies in The Valhalla Permadeath Guild for taking on the challenge to run the hardest quest the group can handle without spoilers and using AH/Brokers/Vendors to do so.

Over the past few weeks in our quest to get a strong group ready for Tempest Spine (which means levelling a lot of toons) we have pushed the envelope.

As a rule of thumb when we have more than four we look above the challenge level, such as last night when a group of five (a 3, 2 4's and 2' 5's) took on Gwylan's successfully.

The night before a similar group (3'3's, 2'4's and 5) took on all that Bogwater had to offer and most of House K Ever full flagon)

Before that a 5, 2 6's and 7 went to Stromvold's Mine

In a real push seven toons 2 6's and 3 7's and 2 8's attempted Tempest Spine as a "Recon in Force" as I didn't think we could make it through - and made it about halfway when the group decided they weren't quite ready to complete - but at least we tried.

An understandable criticism many have of the PD style is that many employ cheesy tricks that utilize taking advantage of poor game design (such as killing at spawn sites using bad monster aggro, and using spoilers - not strategy to complete quests) and/or run quests that they know they going in will not be at all a real challenge - just to stay alive. While anyone can play the game in the manner they choose - if that is a concern you have - but would embrace the challenge of running with a group of players who want to run the toughest quest they feel they can handle I invite you to check out The Valhalla Permadeath Guild on the Ghallanda Server. I assure you, if you want to push the envelope and enjoy the challenge of staying alive while doing so - you'll like our guild.

No matter what you choose, I hope you enjoy the game.

KG Wiking

08-13-2009, 08:52 AM
We've continued to run some tough quests in our guild with our mid levels taking on the challenge. That we do "not" use the AH, brokers or even buy potions, scrolls etc makes these accomplishments - and the loot we pull even sweeter.

On Monday A group of five players,
Two level 8's
One Lvl 7
One Lvl 6
One lvl 5
Ran Threnal West in its entirety.

A group of three (lvl 8, Lvl 6 and Lvl 5) ran Tear of Dahkhaan without being able to access the shrines.

A group of six lvl 4 to 6
4 Lvl 4
1 lvl 5
1 lvl 6
Ran the Iron Mines

Then the group slightly shifted and ran CO6 (we stopped at the last part @ 130 AM and plan to proceed)
2 lvl 5's
1 Lvl 6
3 lvl 7

A few scary moments, but all went very well in these quests. However, it was quite ominous at times!

Even our lowbies catch the spirit. A group of lvl 1 off the boats of Korthos will be running WW on normal (then levelling) then on hard at lvl 2 (levelling) and finishing up on Elite at lvl 3.

If you are interested in a playstyle that encourages teamwork and uses acquired skills to scout etc (since we won't spoil), a guild that does not believe in using exploits of poor game design to conquer quests, a playstyle that relies on teamwork and skills rather than the AH, Brokers, and cheap consumable magic and do not run quests where we know going in there is no risk to anyone, to conquer a quest, a playtstyle that always takes on the most challenging quests and where the members challenge each other to give such quests rather than a zombielike grind for easy XP with a "stay alive at all costs mentality", I think you may like us.

If you don't like these concepts, we're not for you, and to be honest, you're not for us.


08-23-2009, 08:45 AM
Well we still are running some good quests. One of the thrills about being a newer guild and playing in an environment where life ain't always easy are the milestones.

We had a four man group succeed in The Church and the Cult - we had failed in our first attempt as we couldn't take down the boss.
Last night was rough by A Sorc, Cleric and Wizard (jack of all trades) and one insane Barb took on the big guy and brought him down. Not bad when you don't twink - and the average level of the group was 8.

We also finished CO6 with a group that featured none over level 8 - again not fantastic, but considering our no AH/Broker and buying gear rules not at all shabby.