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08-03-2009, 12:54 AM
Hi People!! o_o

Well, it seems that the small Guild I start back in May is taking off pretty well, so I decided I would make a statement HERE!

Random Allies is a Low-to-Mid level Assistance Guild. We get new players started off and running all the way up to level 13. We help with builds, quests, money, items, advice...all the things a new player or new toon needs to get where they're going. Random Allies does not discriminate against anything including age, though I would warn of a few slips of the tongue or so. It happens and is easily forgiven.

At Level 13 we move you to the Random Allies Elite guild which specializes in Vale, Shroud, Hound, Tor/Reaver, Demon Queen, etc. We also help you with Green Steel items, ingredients and crafting. RAE is strictly 16+ with some, but few, exceptions. The age limit is set in a manner that allows the members to be fairly laid back and we don't guard ourselves against idiotic or lewd behavior, remarks, language, etc... But it is advised to respect other Guild members in the regards to harassment, personal attacks or rudeness. We adhere to a strict three-strike policy here and EVERYONE has a say.
RAE is new so the guild list is fairly small as I've been working hard on the assistance Guild.

We play hard and have lots of fun with some of our Guild Events and Games, like our Potion of Wonder parties. What's that? Well, stock up on your PoW's and we all stand in the Harbor on lowbie toons and go 1 round of gulping at a time until only one person is left alive!

For more information you can send a /tell to me in game. I run on: Zanglion, Akyna, Dyraius, Trabvin and Zolina.
OR, you can check out our websites: www.randomallies.tk and www.randomallieselite.tk
We do ask that all new members apply to the website after they've received an invite using the name of the primary toon they'll be using in the Guild. There's also the option to list all of your toons that will be in the guild on the site. If you're going to put toons in both guilds it would help a lot to keep them segregated.

08-03-2009, 11:57 AM
Best advice I can give a Guild (Leader):

Do things right, build a good reputation, maintain it... punish those who make you look bad and have no regrets or intentions to behave.

Beware of the Beer-Effect on Guild growth. A lot of froth and not much body..... tends to be the pitfall of many startup Guilds.

Good luck.

08-03-2009, 01:43 PM
Beware of the Beer-Effect on Guild growth. A lot of froth and not much body..... tends to be the pitfall of many startup Guilds.

Like Guiness meets a newbie bartender. Blegh.

08-05-2009, 06:33 AM
I wish you the best in your guild development.