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08-02-2009, 09:59 PM
So... there had been this announcement about a new casual guild starting up. That ended up falling flat on it's face. I had been really excited about it, because the announced play style agreed with my own. Casual, slow, guild groups, that experience the entire game, not just the highlights.

That's what I'm looking for in a guild, a group of people that I can group with, that I can go through all the dungeons with, that won't be bothered when I take my time traversing a dungeon to get all the little extras.

Play style... Casually Hardcore. I work a full time job, I have a girlfriend, I go out drinking with the guys, I have a life outside of DDO. I'm not on every night, and I can't guarantee that I'll be available every single saturday, for 5-8 hours, my life outside of DDO comes first. However, when I am on... I'm ready to go. Whatever it is, if I'm high enough level for it, I'm ready.

Personality... I'm mostly there to have fun, and just do stuff. Yeah... I even like taking the extra time in TR to get the ransack on each stage. In outdoor areas, I explore, and get lost, and have fun. Ok though.. there are times to be serious, sure running around in a newbie outdoor zone it's fine to goof off, and heck, even sometimes in a higher level zone, but there are times when I'm going to take things seriously, play right, and be an active contribution to the team. Why? Well because for me part of having fun is to progress and see those accomplishments in game. Get the phat lewt, the nice gear, the raid drops, etc.

That brings us to Goals. I want to conquer each and every raid in game at some point. And I'd rather do it with my guild. Sure, you could always raid in a pug, or raid with another guild, or even raid with a group of people not in your guild whom you group/raid with on a regular basis, but I'd rather be able to do these things with my guild.

What do I want out of a guild... okay, first off, I'm a returning player, so I'm starting fresh, my highest toon is a whopping level 3. This means I am looking for a guild that has a decent lowbie population, so there are some folks I can come up through the ranks with, level with, group with, etc. I want a guild that is active, and for pete's sake I don't mean a guild that has 50 players, 20 of which are inactive, and 3 of which are played by the same 6 people, each with several alts. I know... it sounds like I'm asking for quite a bit, particularly for someone who is going to be playing around the schedule RL leaves him, but I don't think that having a player base that is made up of more than ALTs and inactive players is too much. Mature would be good, I won't ask for drama free, because once you get past a dozen players I don't believe that drama free exists, but lets be mature about the drama. Name calling is fine.. just be creative with your name calling, and seriously, if you have a couple of multistate love triangles going that would be entertaining. Or not, either way. Also... cliques. I understand, cliques form, it's a part of life. Any guild is going to have Joe and Jack who always group together, and who almost always group with Joan, and Joan is married to Jim so where she goes he goes, and then you've got Jerry who is a cleric, and Joe thinks that Jerry is just the best cleric ever, so if Jerry is on Joe is gonna invite him, and there you've already got a party of five, and if Jerry brings his friend Alex, it's a full party..... What I don't want is a guild where I log on every day and see Joe, Jack, Joan, Jim, Jerry, and Alex in a group together, and no one else is grouping (or are already in their preassembled groups), and I end up pugging, every single day, because long before I joined the guild, everyone had established groups within the guild. Sure, we want groups that are friends within the guild, thats part of the point of a guild, but not to the point where it excludes other members of the guild. I've been down that road before (and I'm ashamed to say I've been one of the ones doing the excluding, until it was pointed out to me), and its just no fun.

I think I've said quite enough, I'm fairly certain that everyone has something of an idea of what I'm looking for in a guild, now, if you're part of a guild, or the leader of a guild, and you think that maybe I'd be a good fit for your guild, look me up. In game I'm Edgarde, no alts at this time.

08-03-2009, 01:58 PM
In all honesty, I think IFV Explorers is the guild you're looking for -- assuming Impaqt gets remotivated if Mod 9 ever arrives.

In the meantime, perhaps consider IFV itself?

Remember Honor might also be worth a look. Although we're pretty casual, I wouldn't say we really aim to experience all the content. And while we have added quite a few new members recently, the most active folks are still folks who have been around a long time (though many have lowbies). We definitely teach members about the quest if they are new to it (which includes me in the end-game stuff), but it's more in terms of "how to do this successfully" than "exploring the entire quest."

The only "rule" I can remember anyone telling me is to try to give stuff to those in the guild who need it, and when done with a gift, either return it or pass it someone else in the guild who needs it.

Mature, friendly, and sarcastic may be the three words that describe us best. (If you don't like "witty" backstabbing, RH wouldn't be for you.) Small (but growing right now), well-established, semi-casual/semi-uber...

Send me a PM if you have questions or want to know more.

08-04-2009, 08:58 AM
Just as a note, I was in the same boat as you a couple months ago and I have to say that Remember Honor has been great. We're not a huge guild but we definitely help out our own.

If you need any help getting some gear for those early levels give my character "Likely" a tell in game.