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So I had been away from DDO since the original beta years ago, and only returned recently when it showed up in the press with the announcement of DDO:U. I started a trial then, and very quickly converted into a full subbed account. So far I've messed with a few characters, my highest a level 10 pure cleric with about 890 favor so far. I've found it slightly problematic finding groups at the level and have made some other characters to play on while I keep an eye on the LFM's.

Anyway, I've been jotting down notes as I've been playing, just on different areas where things don't work as well as maybe they could. I've played just about every MMO that's come out to date, and there are lots of great things that different games get right. So, what follows will be a list of things I've noticed, and some thoughts on improving them, roughly catagorized.

Guild Stuff:
Notes system -- A public and/or private note system. This would allow information to be stored in a public (to the guild memebership) or private (to officers) manner. There's a pretty larege number of uses for such a function, including noting people's alts to keep track of who is who, or maybe tracking which raid encounters somebody is flagged for, or even tracking lockout timers. The possbilities are pretty endless as to what sorts of information could be tracked this way.
Ranks -- The current rank system seems to be somewhat limited. Ideally, there could be a set number of rank slots available, and the Guild Master could name them as he/she saw fit, but at least adding in a couple more set ranks couldn't hurt. Perhaps an "alt" and "Officer alt" rank if nothing else.
Guild Bank/Storage -- Sometimes people have things they could sell but would rather pass to guildies who could use instead. As it stands now, the only way to do that is to ask in guild chat if somebody needs your item. Some sort of guild bank/storage would greatly help facilitate one of the major purposes of a guild; to help each other.

Quest stuff:
Quest Log -- The quest log could use some major improvements. Currently it's organized roughly by the "zone" where the quest originates. This is great, except there's a rather large number of "zones". One huge improvement that shouldn't take much to implement would be allowing you to view completed or in progress quests. So if you wanted to look at quests you had currently picked up but not completed, you just click on the "In progress" tab and voila.
Favor -- Currently the adventure compendium in game is pretty cool. You can see your current favor level with each faction and the total, as well as a list of all quests from level 1 to your current level range, and what progress (None, Solo, Normal, Hard, Elite) you've made with them, and how much favor you've earned for each quest so far. This is actually pretty good, so this may just be a nit pick. I'd like to see, in game, an indication of how much favor a quest will reward for (solo, normal, hard, elite) difficulties, and for each faction (and overall) the list of benefits for hitting each milestone. This would give newer players some goals to shoot for (House P buffs for example, or extra bank slots, etc...). I know this information exists outside of the game... but if you are forcing new players to go outside of the game for basic info... they may not go back into the game when they find it.

In game voice:
Custom channels -- Currently, in order to use the in game voice system, you need to be grouped with somebody. The ability to create custom channels would be a fantastic edition. A guild channel, for example, where people could hang out and talk while forming groups.
Control -- My experience so far in DDO with the in game voice chat has been exceptionally frustrating. So much so that when I get into a good party, I invite the players to join my ventrilo server. The reason for this is simple: almost everybody is way too quiet. Many people you can barely tell that they're speaking, let alone understand what they're trying to say. A forced normalization filter if nothing else would go a long way towards making this more usable. The ability to boost or suppress people individually would be even better.
Quality -- Even when someone is audible, sometimes they're still difficult to understand due to poor sound quality. I know the argumetn could be made that it's just poor microphone or other equipment, but I've had some people get on my ventrilo server and they sound great, while they sound like garbage in game.

Search -- I'm sure I'm not the first person to bring this up, but the Auctioneer system needs a pretty large overhaul when it comes to searching. I'm pretty new to the game, and I still have to look through pages of stuff to find something I knew specifically that I was looking for. If nothing else, a keyword search along with the level restriction would at least make the system functional. Ideally, the ability to search within a single or multiple catagories for specific attributes or keywords.
Cost -- Currently the cut that the auctioneer takes is rather high. I don't mean it's just a teensie bit high, it's grossly large. I understand that the game needs money sinks (or you think it does anyway) but this is a bad place for the sink. As a new player, I've barely been able to keep afloat when it comes to funds as it is. Sellers are forced to mark the price up on their items to account for the huge cut, and so the burden of the sink is passed on to the buyer's. This is harsher for new players since they don't have any high level characters to find things for them, and they are forced to the AH for certain needs (Adamantine weapons against iron golems or holy type weapons for delera's for example).

Misc. Stuff:
A dressing room -- I know, I know, this is a silly request. Just the same, for those of us who are impacted by what things look like when we're deciding what to buy, it would be awesome to be able to preview things (armor, shields, helms, weapons). In some cases (Shields, except via auctioneer) you can already sort of do this in the focus orb. It doesn't make sense for this not to be in the game (Aside from the development time it would require). If I was really a cleric and really in Stormreach and purchasing something from the auctioneer, I'd be able to see what it looked like before purchasing it. Same for quest end rewards.
Armor customization -- It would be very very excellent to be able to customize your armor. It could be as simple as armor dyes, or if possible, as complex as allowing you to choose the base and overlay components of the item. For heavy armor for example, there are several "Base" pieces, and for each base there are several configurations and styles of "plating" that get added over the top. Perhaps for the price of a large fee and binding the item permanantly (since it's been customized for a single person), we could design our own armor (Within the current and future models of course) and really customize our look.
Heraldry -- Guild or personal crests or tabards. Coat of arms, emblazoned on armor etc...
Forum Signatures -- These could really benefit from actually working.

I've tried to stay more towards the functional area of the game for these suggestions. I'm sure there are many other suggestions I could put here (like new races and classes for example) but those decisions have more to do with game balance and content progression than the suggestions I've listed, which have more to do with making the game more intuitive and helpful, especially to the new player.

If you have any comments or other suggestions to add, feel free. I will add more of my own as they occur to me.

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