View Full Version : Permadeath 101 on Ghallanda Server Valhalla Permadeath Guild

07-17-2009, 10:08 AM
If you are interested in running a newly made character in a PD style of play at low levels to see if it is a good fit for you Valhalla Permadeath Guild invites you to run with us on Friday Nights (or any night that you see someone lvl 3 or so wandering about. Tell them you are interested in PD play and run a quest with them. Mention that you saw this post.

On Friday nights we try to run our lowest characters to help newer guild members and those to PD playstyle get off Korthos and out of the Harbor. We typically start about 8pm EST and go on until about midnight or later EST.

We also will reset groups so players new to the playstyle will not have to run solo or duo.

Give any Valhalla Permadeath Guild member a tell if you are interested. No strings attached, but I do ask that you are at least "considering" running a PD toon.

Also, to avoid confusion, another PD guild was recently formed on Ghallanda with a strikingly similar name. If you are interested in this particular thread, please speak with a member/officer of "Valhalla Permadeath Guild".

Thanks and see you in the game!

KG Wiking