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07-15-2009, 12:30 AM
The Valhalla Permadeath Guild (Ghallanda Server) is preparing characters for an anticipated assault(s) on Tempest Spine in August.

We are running mid level quests every night to prepare as many as possible to participate in this achievement. At this time we have about eight players who represent about 20 characters who are progressing towards that goal.

We are planning on running this raid with about 6 to 8 toons all under level 10. These toons have not used the Auction House, Brokers or bought consumable magic nor do they use spoilers in quests.

If this challenge appeals to you and feel you would like to participate in this raid there is still time to get a character ready, but you will have to run hard!

After Tempest Spine we plan to take on the dragon within a few weeks of TS. Again we will "not" likely use full 12 man teams - and we plan a few runs of this quest along with the tagging quests.

We all know that after the Dragon comes the Titan...and yes....we plan on going there too.

If you are interested in running these types of quests - within a very challenging rule setting - please send me a message via PM here or in game chat or visit our webpage, http://valhallapdguild.proboards.com/index.cgi?/

Also, to avoid confusion, this is a different guild from a newly formed PD Guild formed on Ghallanda which bears a similar name.

KG Wiking

07-29-2009, 11:45 PM
The Valhalla Permadeath Guild (Ghallanda Server) is progressing favorably towards starting to run low level raids.

Our first raid the Tempest Spine Run(s) is/are scheduled for 8/6 through 8/9 - at least that is our plan. At this point it looks as if eight players in the level 7 to 9 range will taking this raid on.

There is still time to hop on board....one quite dedicated new player to our guild has hit lvl 7 in four days ....

If you wish to join this venture and can group within our guild and get to five we have enough mid level players lvl 5 to 8 who will make sure you run the tough quests to get the sense of our playstyle and to pull the gear needed to be an active participant in challenging quests at or below level.

After that we plan to take a breath and start prepping for Velah and then another breath and then The Titan, and we'd love to have many more hands on deck!

Our rules are simple - run the hardest quests the group feels they can handle on the hardest setting possible.
Play as a team
No use of AH/Brokers
No buying consumable magic
And of course basic Permadeath rules apply.

Good luck and Good Hunting.

KG Wiking