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07-10-2009, 12:26 AM
Hi Fellow Thelanians,

The recent drought sustained in DDO has unfortunately taken some of my fellow guild members to that higher plane… RL
The sparse and barren landscape was too much for their weakened wills to hold on….
Even with the age old story of Mod 9 being recited by the dev prophets from time to time the glimmer that was hope faded with time…

I come before you today in search of any lost or new travellers to Thelanis that might well suit Heaven’s Fury’s lifestyle.

If you come from the land down under, own a pair of Ugg Boots, know what a xxxx is and what to do with it, know where Wagga Wagga or Humpty Doo is, spread Vegemite thick and fast on your weetbix or love to hang it on the yanks for the amount of lives our Labradors saved in Vietnam step forward.!!

We even open the doors to our mates in NZ.. My first Cleric is named Franzjoseph after a beautiful galicer in NZ..So bring your velrco gloves and wellingtons and come aboard.

The core players from Heaven’s Fury have been around since about a month after release and were formed from the once strong guild called Stallions in the early days.
There is some good knowledge and great skills within our walls.

We are currently a smaller casual guild with players from Australia, New Zealand and USA looking to expand a little over the coming months.
With our core playing times being most every weeknight (say 5pm Sydney Time until Midnight) and Weekends during the day.

We understand Real Life comes first and don’t expect your soul in return for joining, only respect, diligence and politeness when dealing with the server player base.

If you think that time zone might suit and you want to ease back into DDO with helpful guildy’s willing to share knowledge just look for me in game.
Whilst we are not a power gaming guild, we still like to pride ourselves in being able to match our skills and expertise with some of the best on the server.
If you asked around I am sure you would get some good responses about the Fury’s players.

Feel free to send me an in game mail or if you see me on, drop me a tell and if I am free I will pop over for a chat.

Happy Hunting
Morpheene - Standing Fury Leader


07-31-2009, 05:04 AM
dam.. almost and month and nobody on Aussie times looking for a guild ?

Thelanis IS slow..

HF still recruting, look me up in game.. we are happy to run with ya and give you a better insight to the Fury ways..:D