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07-06-2009, 07:33 PM
Bound items make perfect since like it or not. Now what items should be bound that is debatable, before rolling your eyes hear me out.
If DDO Developers create a raid and require you to run all pre-quest each time you want to repeat raid i.e. “SOS”, the essence’s and each one of the rune’s should be bound to the account not the toon. My only justification for this is simply, I am a subscription member and pay to play “believe it or not that is ok with me” what is not ok is now DDO Developers are controlling my fun time, I should be able to run what I want when I want. Don’t confuse that statement with the “timed” raids; I can accept time being a factor of what I do.

07-07-2009, 11:43 AM
By your logic, you should be arguing that the repeated pre-flagging should not be required. As long as it's going to b e required though, I disagree with your assertion that any character on the account should be able to pave the way for any other.

Yeah, I hate SOS flagging too. To me though, your reasoning just doesn't hold water.

07-07-2009, 11:52 AM
i don't think the gems should be bound to account. I agree that those should be for the toon who runs the quests. However I do believe that the runes (at very least the draconic runes) should be bound to ACCOUNT not to the toon.

07-07-2009, 12:00 PM
Wasntme being able to have one toon collect the items needed for flagging any raid won't really work. The idea is to run all of your toons thru it. In the point of SOS and having to reflag it all the time. It's not really that much prey is easy, monastary is moderatly easy(except on elite with those monks) and kobold is a pain but getting easier as more people figure out how to do it. But when mod 9 comes out and the loot tables go up. That place will be the new looting grounds. So reflagging SOS won't be a problem. With SOS being a "raid" without a timer having to reflag isn't really all that bad. About everyone is going to be running those quests for the loot. But don't expect a change in bound raid flag items. It ensures you run all your toons thru it. With most people no they won't agree with me but I'm an old time loot w***e. My main tanks motto is: if it between me and the chest. It's dead. :)