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07-02-2009, 06:18 AM
Hey everyone,

I've recently come back to DnD after playing the free trial earlier in the year. I'm restarting from scratch to get re-familiarized to the game again instead of playing my little level 4 paladin. My new char is a paladin as well though so it shouldn't take to much to get back into the swing of things and to get him leveled to where my last one was. As for my build I think its pretty standard as I'm not exactly sure what role I'll be having later on in game just yet being so new to it all.

Anyways I was hoping to find a friendly and active guild to do things with. During the free trial I mainly stuck to my self to learn the game and such but now that I've upgraded my account I'd like to get a bit more out of the game. I'm from New Zealand so at times my hours might be a bit different from most, but I'm on during day as well as night usually so I'm somewhat flexible with times. My ingame name is Laron Hael.

Thanks for reading guys. I've had plenty of experience in other online games so I understand the general role of different people in a group, just new to it in this particular game and looking forward to learning. Any offers or suggestions are appreciated :)

Cheers, Caledor

07-06-2009, 06:43 AM
Hey all,

I've noticed that theres been a few people reading my message but no replies yet so I thought i'd ask for some pointers from current players. I'm level 4 now and soloing quests is getting a lil tougher and a bit duller. Are there particular places where people are where I can find groups for things? Or is the ingame LFG system the best?

Also if anyone could suggest guilds they know of that are looking for members. I'm not looking to raid hardcore or anything like that, just a active and friendly guild who doesnt mind a low level player joining its ranks so I can enjoy leveling with friends and worry about end game later on. I had a look through the guild list but scrolling through the posts some had disbanded and such so wasnt quite sure about them.

Thanks again guys, sorry to be a pain :)

Cheers, Caledor (Laron Hael ingame)

PS:*Looking instead of ooking for the title, my atempt to fix it failed :D

07-09-2009, 10:50 PM
Hi Mate,

The core players from Heaven’s Fury have been around since about a month after release and were formed from the once strong guild called Stallions in the early days.
There is some good knowledge and great skills within our walls.

We are currently a smaller casual guild with players from Australia, New Zealand and USA looking to expand a little over the coming months.
With our core playing times being most every weeknight (say 5pm Sydney Time until Midnight) and Weekends.

We understand Real Life comes first and don’t expect your soul in return for joining, only respect, diligence and politeness when dealing with the server player base.

If you think that time zone might suit and you want to ease back into DDO with helpful guildy’s willing to share knowledge just look for me in game.
Whilst we are not a power gaming guild, we still like to pride ourselves in being able to match our skills and expertise with some of the best on the server.
If you asked around I am sure you would get some good responses about the Fury’s players.

Feel free to send me an in game mail or if you see me on, drop me a tell and if I am free I will pop over for a chat.

Happy Hunting
Morpheene Fury Leader