View Full Version : A few tech things that need fixing...

06-30-2009, 02:11 PM
These are just a couple of technical frustrations I seem to be running into a lot these days. ***** happens, I know, but I just mention in the hopes someone will look into them.

- Disconnects. Recovery from a disconnect is very dirty in this game. This is a biggy in my opinion. I can, and do, sit there with two machines side-by-side and have one character disconnect and the other stay connected. That says, to me, that it is unlikely (not impossible, but unlikely) to be a local issue. I am not sure why a disconnect requires me to quit the whole game and re-launch, but it does.... it would be nice if that was addressed. Hell, a big-shiny, re-establish connection button would be nice.
- Issues reconnecting after disconnect. Very frequently, after a disconnect when I attempt to log my wee dude back I get to the progress bar display after character selection only to have it never advance. In game the character appears to "re-connect" only to disconnect again after a few minutes. To resolve I need to either A) log in a different character (thus breaking group) or B) reboot. A big shiny "erase cache" button would be nice.
- Game crashes in RR. I don't know about anyone else, by on multiple systems I have frequent client crash-to-desktop issues in the Reaver's Refuge explorer zones. Maybe once an hour. Most prominently, but not exclusively, in the Soami Gardens.