View Full Version : Items for sell/trade

06-25-2009, 08:10 PM
I have some items for sell or trade let me know what you are interested in and what the offer is also are there any people that are looking to buy lightning split soarwoods and silver flame hymnals

+2 vorpal bastard sword
+1 flaming burst bastard sword of disruption ML 12 rr Halfling
+5 true law bastard sword of pure good ML 12
2 helms of wizardy 125 mana ML 13
Clever ring +6 intell ML 13
Necklace of contemplation
+1 greater potency 1 wooden buckler of Greater false Life ML 14
+1 flaming burst dagger of disruption ML 14
+2 cursespewing heavy mace of pure good ML 10
+3 flaming burst dagger of parrying ML 12
+5 transmuting dwarven Axe of shattermantle ML 14

message me in Game name is Necoron or Valatos or leave me a message here looking for spectral gloves and boots of innocent