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06-21-2009, 10:49 AM
Hello. :) I just bought the game and I'm looking for a good soloing build. I have odd hours so that kind of widdles down the possibility of me getting into a group! I was looking around the forums but all those acronyms threw me off and left me with a dumb look on my face more than half the time. Hehe. I did learn one thing so far, the character generation feature is horrid.

Oh! I know this isn't the right place to ask but since I'm here, which server has the highest population? I'd love any help I can get.

06-21-2009, 10:54 AM
Thelanis is top server for population I believe.

There are three obstacles to solo:

Killing stuff

Traps is pretty straightforward. They will start to eat you alive in various ways. The feat 'Evasion' is key here. You get this from Rogue2, Monk2, or Ranger9. You may only wear light armor. It relies on your reflex save. Normally you make a reflex save to take half damage from a trap. With Evasion you will take zero damage instead. This also applies to spells that offer a reflex save for half damage, like lightning bolt, so it helps your survivability.
You could do skills to disable traps, which come from rogue, but often the box you need to work on to disable them is on the other side of the trap... the usefulness of bringing them down solo is reduced and they will cost a lot of skill points.

Money means you need to profit from your questing. You can't count on drinking 50 heal potions and buffing yourself with dozens of potions every three minutes. Basically this boils down to self heals. These are available from the Ranger, Paladin, Bard, or Cleric. Alternatively, you could enable yourself to use 'WANDS' which are basically stacks of potions that cost a lot less coin. Still expensive, but available. Some degree of levels in Ranger/Paladin/Cleric will make healing wands available to you.
The Use Magic Device skill, while not particularly useful early on, allows the use of items, scrolls, and wands, which can be money savers vs potions and increase your effectiveness. It is a class skill for rogue and bard.
Defense in general is a very good idea for saving money on potions and just generally NOT DYING. Primarily this comes from your armor class. Armor class comes from dexterity modifier. At least one level of monk gives you your wisdom modifier to AC as well. Shields. Items. Your armor. Higher armor types (medium vs heavy) will give more armor, but lower the maximum amount you can gain from your dex bonus.

Killing means... well eliminating the enemies you can't avoid fighting on whatever your character is. This typically means being primarily fighter, ranger, barbarian, or paladin. The sorcerer and wizard can do considerable damage and bring lots of utility, but soloing any given quest is tougher because they run out of spell points. I would not advise trying to do one of those as a new player. A fighter is a general badass and can just swing forever. A barbarian can swing forever and go berserk on big things. Rangers swing forever and get bonuses vs their chosen 'favored' enemies.

Light armor or cloth is required for evasion.
Light armor has lots of room for dexterity bonus to armor class
Dexterity boosts reflex saves for evasion.
Evasion is not affected by shields... shield armor bonus is good.
Seeing the pattern here?

18 is an important level to reach as one class in mod9.

To add monk levels requires LAWFUL alignment.
Bard and Berserker can not be lawful.

Rogue1, Monk1, Ranger for the rest.
Fight with two weapons wearing light armor, go for tempest (which gives a shield bonus). Stack up your AC, get evasion late-game from ranger, with a great natural reflex save. UseMagicDevice + Search + Open Lock + Disable Device and whatever else you want. Ranger gets lots of skill points. I highly recommend jump.

Monk2, Rest paladin.
Shield, light armor, one handed weapons, better self healing, stacking up AC the same way with wisdom and dex. Lots of paladin junk to help with saves and survivability. Don't go crazy for the 'Turn Undead' ability it starts to suck very quickly. UMD will not be a uncapped and won't be useful until the very end of the game if you bother with it, which paladins get very low skill points.

Rogue2, Rest Barbarian
Light armor, dex, whatever weapons you like. Barbarians actually get passive bonuses specifically vs traps, as well as a special dodge skill to temporarily boost their AC and save. No self heals. Low skill points mean you probably won't disable the traps, just try to hop through safely. Open Lock, and Use Magic Device can provide some benefit to the cost of healing with items, but this build is definitely behind the paladin or ranger for solo.

Rogue2, Rest Wizard.
Feat called 'Insightful reflexes' switches dex and intelligence for the purposes of reflex saves. Intelligence is your casting stat as a wizard. Definitely the easiest thing ever to build. All int. Rest Con at creation. Lots of extra feat picks for metamagics (Extend and Maximize asap, then heighten). And you have enough skill points from your ridiculous intelligence to do, pretty much everything. But the toughest to play solo, because you will run out of spell points, and won't have self heals. Use Magic Device skill could be used to wands later in the game. Only choose this one for playing lots of different quests on normal difficulty, with an eye towards being very challenged, and interested in grouping when possible. Strong farmer character in the end-game for making cash.

06-21-2009, 11:11 AM
Thank you for all the information. I really do appreciate the time you put into writing this for me. :D

06-21-2009, 11:44 AM
Don't multiclass too early. A rogue1, Monk1, for example, headed for the ranger build, would be doing quests on zero base attack bonus. If you go any degree of rogue, start lv1 as a rogue for lots of free skill points, but make sure to stay your fighter class for level two, and a few levels afterwords to build up that base attack bonus they get per level. No rogue, means go pure of your main class for the first three or four levels.

06-21-2009, 11:50 AM
Wow. And I forgot the battle cleric.

2monk Rest Cleric.
Sick twisted solo character. Self buffs, lots of feats, all the perks. Reflex save won't be as strong as some others, but solid self heals and cures will easily make up for this. Light armor, heavy shields, one hand weapons.

06-21-2009, 01:10 PM
The 2 monk / 14 Cleric looks really interesting to me. Is there a forum post or guide around that would break it down and make it easy for me to follow while I level?

06-21-2009, 01:22 PM
Keep in mind, if you use monk and equip a shield, you will only have evasion. A monk/cleric can be very powerful as the monk water stance will add +2 wis, but you must be centered to use it(no armor or shields).

06-21-2009, 05:40 PM
Keep in mind, if you use monk and equip a shield, you will only have evasion. A monk/cleric can be very powerful as the monk water stance will add +2 wis, but you must be centered to use it(no armor or shields).

Monk levels also mean your wisdom mod (wisdom being your casting stat on a cleric) goes to your AC.

I disagree with Ssmooth. Armor, weapon, and shield is much better for you then any of the lv1 monk stances. The water stance he's talking about actually reduces your strength by two, in addition to losing your equipment. The water stance cleric is more for maximizing casting in a group setting, without giving up much armor class. You could make it work if you had lots of money and thirty two point builds unlocked, but trying to level your main character solo using monk weapons and robes is not a smart move.

Monk/Cleric is pretty easy since they run off the same stats.
Make it a monk. 16str 12dex 12con - 16wis. (Base, adjust for your race choice.)
Start and level to two as a monk.
Concentration skill as you level up.
Extra monk skill points in Balance / Jump / Tumble.

Usually they say multiclass late when mixing a high skill point class (monk) with a low one (cleric) but IMHO it's best to spread around in this case. Your armor and shield penalties will lower lots of these skills, and none are terribly important to max. To be fair, if you want to max one skill, wait until level five or so on monk2 and, after bringing up concentration, pour all points into jump to give that particular skill for getting at ledges, help run from things, and what not.

Early game is going to be lv1/2 as a monk, unarmed probably.
Lv3 you go cleric. Put on your light armor, shield, pick up a weapon, and load up spells.
Save two action Points for Sovereign Host, try to get a +2 long sword.
Lv4/8/12/16 you get a stat point, put those in wisdom.

You get all your spells for free and can change them out in the tavern as often as you like. Experiment. Buffs (like Bull's Strength) will not stack with your items. Early game they rock, since you won't have +4 items for a long time, but as your items get better they begin to wane. The 'AID' spell casts bless at the same time. You don't need both aid, and bless. Just aiding yourself gives both. Cleric early level damage spells universally blow holy barf chunks of righteousness and are not worth bringing. 'Command' is your buddy. For feats, you want your early feats to help survivability and melee, then focus on bringing your casting up.

1 - Snake Blood or Luck of heroes?
1(monk extra) Lightning Reflexes

2(monk extra) Toughness

3 - Extend

6 - Heighten

9 - Maximize (Works on heals AND damage spells)

I'm not so good with feats. I would not do power attack, maybe start with it and drop it with the free quest. Most people laugh at saving throw feats, but I think they'll help you more then most other options. Die Hard is good for solo, in case you get incapacitated (-1 to -9hp is not 'dead' in DDO, just knocked out) you'll get back up in a sec instead of counting down until you die at =10 or make a saving throw.