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06-20-2009, 03:36 PM
Type in and eloborate on what your favorite quest is all time in Dungeon & Dragons. Now this could be pen and paper D&D, DDO or some other form of D&D.

The only rule is list one quest per post in this thread and elaborate a bit on what makes the quest special to you. The ever so small intent might be to hopefully but a tip ot two in the producers and developers ears that may lend ideas to some future quest in DDO. Hey we can dream right...

06-20-2009, 03:47 PM
Dragon Mountain

I was the Dungeon Master on this quest many years ago maybe 1993 or 1994 I think while I was stationed in South Korea. It was a box set and had so many possibilities to it as I wsa reading through it and setting it up for play.

In my opinion this would be a good high level series quest for DDO.

I remember taking the party through a lot of side options in the quest that had very small amount of hints toward the main goal and some of them none at all. We also went through an undead portion of the quest where paladins and clerics had to be tricked into falling through a second floor floor in order to limit their ability to turn all of the undead so that the rest of the party could participate, it was fun.

Eventually the party made it through the lower portions of the mountain and encountered wyverns and spiders and a few other mountain dwellers. As they wound thier way up through tunnels and caves within the cave it was dripping and wet with a trap or two here and there.

The final boss was an ancient red dragon (would like to see it be a green dragon in DDO) whom was a very tough challange. I remember this quest taking us about 3 months to complete as we met and played 2 times per week on this one.