View Full Version : New player looking for active guild

06-15-2009, 07:51 PM
Facts now, role-playing later, I will play a cleric healer.
I am in New York USA. I play 9am to 5 pm EST Monday - Friday. Then after 9pm for a few more hours.
Weekends 9pm till midnight or so.

I do like role-playing but am not a hard hard core person on that.

Post here since I have not made a toon on each server yet. I will stick to the one server that is most at the times I play.

06-15-2009, 08:53 PM
While not a role-playing guild, Darkside is one of the few guilds with a theme.

Darkside is suppose to be an evil guild. This does not present a problem for good characters, rather it presents an inspiration for your biography. For example my Ranger owes a blood-oath to the guild leader.

In additon to recomending biographies, Darkside asks members to run around the city with Chaotic or Anarchic weapons if they have them.

Emotes are recomended such as /salute to members.

Darkside also is part of the Alliance of guilds as well.

See other posts.

On a side note Darkside is a good mix of new players and veterans.

Let us know!