View Full Version : Human or Drow (or other) paladin

06-15-2009, 10:29 AM
I'm a returning player and I've unlocked the Drow race.

Is there a reason not to roll a drow paladin? Which would be better in the long run--human or drow (or other)?

06-15-2009, 12:45 PM
Welcome back!!!

A quick look over the threads in this section can give you a run down of the strengths of each race wrt to pallys. Drow TWF with rapiers/short swords and a nice charisma and a dex that can get to 17 base without too many build points with a +1 or +2 tome is a good way to go. Humans get that extra feat so khopesh is easier to fit in.

Not sure what you may mean by "better in the long run". I have human and drow pallys, pure and splashed. So much depends upon your playstyle. Stay pure for a nice capstone in Mod 9; or splash rogue for umd/more damage/evasion; or monk for evasion/feats; or fighter for feats/intimidate.

Some folks like Elves for longsword enhancements. Some prefer dwarves for axe enhancements. Some like WF for more immunities and othe goodies. Some make pally/monk halflings for ac. Others prefer 6 ranger/14 pally as a goal. Just depends what you want to do. Personally I mostly play my human pally/monk because, although he's clickie, he's a very forgiving build for when I do dumb stuff or get in over my head:p

In any case, I'm sure someone will be along momentarily to give you a much more specific analysis.:) And, again, welcome back!!!