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06-11-2009, 06:14 PM
Hello everyone. I took a break from DDO shortly after they released the drow, and I am just reactivated my account. Needless to say I have forgotten quite a few things about the game, also a lot of things have changed. So I am asking for help here.

I have the drow unlocked and I want to make a drow TWF paladin. If I could get some insight on builds it would be great. I haven't decided if I want to stay pure or multi another class in. From what I have been reading 1 or 2 levels of monk or rogue both work. So any ideas on stay pure or multi will be helpful too.

Now as to what I am looking for. I want fun first, decent dps and decent survivability. I don't have any +tomes or really any money to invest in it, so just treat me like a noob (cause I am a semi one). Never played a pally when I did play so starting stats and that would be cool too.

06-11-2009, 08:18 PM
Simple really.

All the answers to your questions in your post are in this very Paladin - Forum.

A little reading will definitely pay off.

06-11-2009, 08:29 PM
Welcome back!

Many of the posts around here assume access to +2 tomes. If you want GTWF then you'll need a 17 base dex (start + any lvl ups + tomes). My latest roll starts with 16 str, 15 dex, 12 con, 10 int, 9 wis, 16 cha for a drow rapier/ss gtwf. I have a +2 dex tome for him though, you could go 8 wis and 16 dex if you could get a +1 dex tome.

Skill points went into umd, jump, balance, and 1 lvl of tumble.

Beyond that you can check these forums or just play around as you can switch out enhancements and feats (with dragonshards) for a fee.

Check out the compendium for valuable information on exalted smites, divine might, divine righteousness and other pally goodies. When the new version of the game launches we'll get three prestige classes to play with as well that you should check out.

I love pallys. My favorite is monk splash but I have a rogue splash and a couple of pure ones as well. Each is fun in different ways.

Again, welcome back!