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06-09-2009, 04:48 AM
A new guild was formed. Style moderate and heavy RP and permadeath.
Guild leader: Soullan.
If you are interested in a new experience of the game and very challanging, and you think you are good enough of a player and not relaying only on your toons capabilities, try this guild.
This guild will form steady runs once or twice a week at Saturdays 12PM Central time and Wensdays 12PM central time.
The rules of the guild are:
1. You must show to at least 50 percent of guild runs.
2. If you die, you reroll you toon (permadeath). Only ressurection and raise dead spells can bring you back to life without rerolling.
3. it is allowed to use rez shrines under those conditions and not reroll:
a. Your soulstone must be in the room of the shrine. Running there is not allowed.
b. Your soulstone can be picked up by another party member that has at least 14 Stregth. each member of party can carry only one soulstone at a time (think of it as carrying a dead man's body while fighting...)
4. You cannot send your toon anything from your other toons including money. All the items you have are either found, from market or were given to you by guildies or friends in the game.
5. you will always play the quest on the highest difficulty that you've played yet: it means that if you never played it will be normal even if it can be opened higher. If you play with another Golden Spear, then you'll have to play as high as he can open. if you already done Normal, you must play hard and so on. It is allowed to play at any difficulty if you already done Elite.
6. Don't cheat yourself!
7. You will play according to your class and race. You will participate in meetings, occassions and ceremonial events of the guild. Do your RP.
Officers will be at least level 8 in the guild and were involved wnough in the guild according to leaders point of view.

Contact Soullan or send him a mail in order to join.