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06-06-2009, 12:24 PM
Random Loot, the trash generator:

Ok turbine random loot, it is pretty bad. Shure it is random but more than 50% of what is picked up is not used in game, and a greater percentage of that is not usable by a character of the appropriote level for the dungeon.

So here is my idea: Keep random loot at a 50% drop chance and have a 50% chance for "Option B"

"Option B"
Option B: This option is based on current players loot, and could be worked many different ways

A) A combined pool of all non-bound items in all active players inventory of your level.
B) A combined pool of all non-bound items in adventurers inventory who have died in that instance within X days.
C) A combined pool of all non-bound items in adventurers who have entered the instance within X days
D) Any of these above, but not exclusive to non bound items. bound items would be a special drop (Controlled drop rate?) and bind again on aquiring.

E) Like D, except that you must sign up to participate(Like turn on off class based loot), and participating means that on death you have a chance of loosing a bound item that is in your inventory. IF this item is lost it gets multiplied by 10 and put into the random loot tables. There could also be something like Apon loosing X item apon death X item has a 100% drop chance for you in the last chest of the current quest (The one you died in) on Elite for the next 72 hours, limited to 1.

In Gianthold:
"Holy @!&$ A MIN II Khopesh, haha that poor sucker, finders keepers"

I believe a change like this would help in creating more usefull loot for everyone.

Also, for all those who want to have random loot tables stay based on Pnp rules I would like to add that this game is a beautiful exmple of Dnd, in the sense that Turbine is the DM and feels fit to change whatever rules they wish. Who has not played in a PnP campaign where the DM has added, taken away from, or modified the existing rules?