View Full Version : Perfect Self in Mod 9

06-05-2009, 03:39 PM
The Perfect Self feat certainly looks like it will be a great one (although it remains to be seen who/how many foes will have epic weapons in Mod 9). Nonetheless, my question has to do with the Lawful Outsider transcension. Since we are on another plane for Mod 9 does that mean we are an outsider on that plane or just the prime material (or both)? The reason I ask is that I'm guessing that all classes will be banishable back to the prime material when on the plane of battle, but if monks are outsiders at level 20 can they be banished? Where will they go?

Perfect Self
Prerequisites: Level 20 Monk
Benefit: You have transcended your former race, and are now considered a Lawful Outsider. You have gained damage reduction 10 / epic. Warforged retain most living construct traits.