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06-02-2009, 08:37 AM
Rest in Pieces
... bringing (role)players together since 2007.

What are we?
First and foremost we are "fun" RP guild.
We are not a "Power gamer" Guild.
Pick the RP style you're comfortable with - Light / Medium / Heavy RP.
A guild for newcomers and old timers alike.
Providing a family-like feel to the DDO gaming experience.
There are a wide variety of Character Levels in RiP, new characters to end-game level
characters are all welcome!

What do we do?

1. Quests
Want to get a group together for a specific quest? Simply post on the Wanted section of our forum.
Need to get qualified for a raid? Throw us a message on the Wanted board.

2. Bringing (role)players together
There is an event/quest/raid and you do not have a toon of that level gilded with RiP, feel free to log into a different one (even if he/she is member of another guild). We will try fit you in.
Similarly, have a toon that needs help with something, but isn't gilded with RiP? Post on the forum and we will try make it happen.

We also work closely together with our sister guild Dedicated Teams for players interested in finding dedicated (exclusive) groups that usually meet once a week. For more information about our sister guild, see: http://www.ddo.com/forums/showthread.php?p=601791#post601791

3. Events
a. RP events
Be it revisiting an old place or trying something new, roleplay (light to heavy depending on the preference of participants) will be in the foreground with XP, completion time, loot and favor being only secondary.

b. Level-specific events
Our lowbie groups usually range from level 1 to 6, mid-level 7-12 and high level refers to 13+. We normally try keep groups within 3 levels of each other with the exact level depending on attendees.

c. Newbie events
Different from lowbie as these are normally "no-spoiler" groups. What does that mean? These groups are led by new players or players that never have done a particular quests, allowing them to explore and figure things out at their own leisure. Veterans take a backseat role, providing "spoilers" only if and when requested.

d. Special events
Want to run Delera's with a group using only the Holy Club? Searching for people to run Three-Barrel Cove in only their undees? Special events are about having fun - no matter how silly the idea, put it up and we will try find someone to run it with you.

For more information, see our webpage: http://ripddo.com

06-08-2009, 05:51 PM
It's so nice to see an RP-focused guild. I enjoy the regular MMO gaming approach but I have to say my favorite runs have been those where everyone turns off their mic and more or less gets into their role. I still have some critters on Sarlona. I will look you guys up as soon as I can.

(BTW I did go to the web site and register but was not able to post an intro.)