View Full Version : quick payment question

05-20-2009, 08:05 PM
It says on the website that the plans on credit card is an ongoing subscription, with the payment happening at the end of every interval of your choice. If this is true, if you cancel your subsciption halfway through an interval are you charged accordingly to how many days you played so far?

Also, if you only want to do a 1 time payment can you make the deadline of the card recognize this, or you always put up how long the card is good for? and would putting down a false expiration date be illegal or permanent?

05-22-2009, 01:59 PM

All cancellations of Turbine subscriptions are "End-Term Cancellations". Simply put, this means that after you request a cancellation on your subscription you will still be able to play until the "Next Bill Date". At that time the subscription will automatically enter an "expired" state and you will not be charged. The ability to reinstate the expired subscription at your leisure will be available via the "Resume" link on the MyAccount page.

Although we don't have any specific "single time payment" options you can accomplish this goal by canceling your subscription end-term after a successful payment. This will cause the subscription to expire before the recurring payment processes. We currently do not offer pro-rated refunds (partial refunds for a portion of the subscription period).

I hope this answers your questions, if not please post a reply and I will be more than happy to provide additional clarification of the cancel/resume process.