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05-16-2009, 02:51 PM
OK, I don't know if anyone's run into this problem before, but I have no idea what's going wrong. I can log in any of my characters, and after anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes into the game, the character will disappear completely from the screen, but everything else will remain. I am unable to look around or move. The character doesn't reappear if I wait any amount of time, and if I cast anything or do anything that requires my character, the game crashes.

I am currently running on the following:
Windows XP, Service Pack 3
AMD X2 5600+
nVidia GeForce 9800 GTX+ (set at 1680 x 1040)
Onboard sound

I have all the latest drivers.

Log as follows:

000000017.812: GlobalEventHandler::RecvEvt_DisplayStringInfo: Validating credentials...
100148897.347: GlobalEventHandler::RecvEvt_DisplayStringInfo: Loading subscription data...
100148897.347: GlobalEventHandler::RecvEvt_DisplayStringInfo: Loading character data...
100148897.614: GlobalEventHandler::RecvEvt_WorldName: Thelanis
100148898.359: GlobalEventHandler::RecvEvt_DisplayStringInfo: Receiving character data...
100148898.965: GlobalEventHandler::RecvEvt_CharSet: called.
100148922.825: GlobalEventHandler::RecvEvt_PlayerSessionStart_Ser verToClient: player: 0x021800000012039D
100148922.825: CObjectMaint::RecvNotice_SetPlayerIDplayer: 0x021800000012039D
100148994.226: SmartBox::UpdatePlayer: static scenery and landscape is loaded.
100148994.226: SmartBox::UpdatePlayer: waiting no more than 10.00 seconds for dynamic objects to load.
100148995.961: SmartBox::UpdatePlayer: dynamics finished loading in 1.73 seconds.
100148995.961: SmartBox::UpdatePlayer: calling ECM_Physics::SendNotice_PlayerReadyToEnterWorld.
100148995.961: SmartBox::Render: calling ECM_Physics::SendNotice_NextFrameDrawn.
100149490.067: ----CRASH REPORT START----
100149490.067: Program fault: ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) trying to read from 0x00000000
100149490.067: Detailed report:

Current local time: Sat May 16 14:25:36 2009

Version Report generated by CoreVersion : 2.0.99 (0x02000063):
Language: English (United States)
CompanyName : Turbine, Inc.
FileDescription :
FileVersion :
InternalName : dndclient
LegalCopyright : Copyright © 1997-2009 Turbine, Inc.
OriginalFilename : dndclient.exe
ProductName : dndclient
ProductVersion : mod8.0
Comments : compiled Thu Jan 15 04:16:04 2009 : retail
TurbineBuildVersion :
TurbineType : Player External

100149490.067: ----CRASH REPORT END----


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