View Full Version : Happy Tuesday! Can we have GS handwraps yet?

05-12-2009, 05:17 PM
Handwrap selection has a huge hole in it:

1. Every other style of combat (except unarmed) can use a greensteel weapon of choice. (Pierce, slash, blunt, bow, crossbow, thrown, S&B, THF, TWF all have GS).

2. There are no transmuting handwraps.

3. There are no metal property handwraps. i.e. silver, cold iron, flame touched, byskh (sp) to assist handwrap users in bypassing DR.

4. Weakening / enfeebling is broken on handwraps.

5. Handwrap using AC builds are forced to use other than their spec'd weapons to get max AC. All other AC builds can get insight on their weapons. (See #1 above.)

Other comments:

1. 32/64 or however many named items are coming will replace the need for GS.
-----Do you really believe that? Also, what is a handwrap user to use while grinding for these new named items? All other character can use GS (and now with the W/P nerf, what weapons do you think are top dog?)

2. Don't spend the dev time on something a small segment of the players will use.
-----Fix handwraps and more people will use them.
-----We all have the things we would like to see implemented. (Even Borro0 does.)
-----This isn't even something new, its fixing things that were broken and only left out because they chose to implement them in a difficult maner.

3. Use the rings to boost your DPS.
-----A ring of +6 damage increases everyones DPS. It does nothing to close the gap.
-----A ring that is just for monks and increases DPS requires a monk to wear an extra item. It is possible that these rings could be +20 dam per hit, but I doubt it. Monks would still have to give up something else just to still have second rate DPS.
-----Which ring do you take off? Tumbleweed or Chattering (yes I have both.)

4. Reroll.
-----No thank you.

I'd love to hear about any handwraps you have found that defy my statements above. I've looked for really good ones to bypass DR and cannot find them. Screenshots would be awesome!

Thanks for you time! :D

05-14-2009, 02:59 PM
Take a look over in the general discussion forum at the "Right to Decline" thread.

More than once in there people say that they either do not put monks in ANY LFM or that they will automatically decline monks.

Just more evidence that monks could use some love.

Please??? :o

05-14-2009, 03:22 PM
How bout now?

How bout now?

How bout now?

How bout now?