View Full Version : Monk Centerd, compermise

05-07-2009, 07:01 PM
so to all those who are so mad that they dotn get monk ac bonuses, and those that use other weapons and retaining you monk wis bonus and love it, i offer an easy compermise to both parties.

Feat: Monk weapons training (or a better name)
As a monk u study hard to focus your weapon combat capabilities to new hightes. You trian your self to use new and exotic weapons in your martial arts reputoer.You can choose one weapon and becume profiecient with it in your monk stances.
(select weapon of choice, not weapon type)

since we are on this can we get Q-staffs weapon finesse, i mean comon, using a Q-staff should be dex usable. y this was not done i dont know, i am pretty sure that q-staff in PnP can be dex based.