View Full Version : I think May will be the release...or they thought it was

05-07-2009, 01:51 AM
Okay....so here is my theory.

1) been a few weeks since lam came out. She said in a few weeks they would release the content (new dungeons) on Lam... so maybe May will be ready for live.

2) and this is a biggie.
Turbine Jobs is looking for many TEMPORARY Game Master/Customer Service reps. Starting in MAY. Lasting 4-8 weeks, 40 hour weeks, 5 days. Hiring for second shift (4pm to 1am).

Unless they have some other big thing planned for May.....looks like it was meant to be May.

3) they are also seeking TEMPORARY Systems Administrator (QA) people too, for 4-6 weeks.

4) extremely short and cryptic or laconic dev or moderator input. Almost like they really want to say something but cannot. And do not say anything since the 'vast and Mysterious' blunder of 'not this mod'

5) for you console theorists, lots of console jobs being filled. Nothing to do with mod 5, keep moving.

6) my sub is up in 3 days and I will not be resubbing for a long time. They will of course wait about a week or three...around the 20th, and then release just to tee me off.

7) If I remember correctly, the 6 month subs came out in a december blitz. This means they are all up in june (or a large part of them). If this is the case, a late may release would ensure addiction and re-ups for that deep base.

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