View Full Version : Turnover

05-05-2009, 03:20 PM
we need a way to track the new players coming in versus the older ones leaving.

its easy to see that there are numerous new players both in game (pugs!) and here on the forums. but with the steep learning curve of ddo; 10 new players < 1 veteran, at least at end game, and that makes the game less fun for most of us. mod8 and modNever have been billed as game improvement/development/npe mods but its seems like they are detracting from the game as opposed to enhancing it - in the short term. in the long term (assuming the new players stick) they will make the game better by increasing population and increasing the cash flow which will in turn increase the development budget and lead to more content and a better game. but is it worth it? will it work? will turbine even inject the new resources into the game or will they go into a new wing at casa de paiz?

one of you smart people need to come up with a formula to figure this out.

and hurry please....i need to know soon cause i am not wasting my time running another 40 ****ing lags (shrouds) on a new toon if the outlook is poor.