View Full Version : Valhalla Static Groups

04-30-2009, 07:39 PM
The Fab Five of Valhalla PD Guild are down to three, not to death but to two members leaving the game. We extend a welcome to any who may wish to join us, but you have to get to where we are level wise within our guild.

Please send a tell to any Valhalla member if you are interested.

Another Static group is a dynamic duo that run on Mondays. They are currently at lvl 6 and if you would like to join them please look over our bulletin board and contact them.

We also have ad hoc groups of "misfits" that trek around Xendrik. They are truly quite a motley crew or crue :) If you would like to make a permadeath misfit and join them please refer to our site.

Of course we also welcome players - any level of ability newbie or uber veteran is welcome to give our guild a try. We typically have about 8 to 12 members on most nights and a few scattered throughout the day.

Hope to see you in the game!

KG Wiking