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04-27-2009, 02:20 PM
Welcome all to StormReach!

First and foremost, I feel it is important for you as a player and person, to clearly understand who we are, what we value, and most importantly, how you might fit into our little family. This summary was created for you the player. So for now, sit back, relax, get yourselves some popcorn and drink and allow me to walk you through the steps required to become a part of what we truly believe is the best online community/guild on Argo. Ok so you have your popcorn and drink:

One of the first things I was to stress is that we in the Dwarf Tossers play this game to have fun. We don't zerg every quest, we don't need to be the best at it and we certainly do die a lot =P ( which you will see that Tamariul our guild leader dies quite often when going for the shiny's ). There may be times when we will zerg a particular quest because a guild member just wants to get it done so he can get reflagged for a raid, we may do loot runs for days because one of our guild members needs a particular item or just needs money ( Tam is notorious for this as she tends to spend all her money buying her guild members items ). Alot of our guildies come to DDO to unwind after a long day at work and most will help you with anything you need.

We don’t endorse mass recruitment, or “blind recruiting” in any way, shape or form. Numbers, frankly, are far less important to us than the quality of the people around us. If you wish to enter our stronghold and become one, with the Eberron Dwarf Tossing League, we welcome you to continue reading this in order to familiarize yourself with our culture and our laws. ( The Order of the Silver Dragons couldn't have stated this any better! )

The Eberron Dwarf Tossing League prides itself in being one of the most active guild on Argo. All of our players sign on and play at least once a day if not more. Even if in a quest that is brutal most of us will chat in the guild chat. If one of our fellow guild members needs help with a quest, you can bet your bottom at least two of us will come running to help. Most guild members if not all have toons of all levels to help others out. One of the biggest rules that Tam ( our lovely lady who runs the guild ) requires that you follow is that you are active. Chat in the guild chat room, run with guild members if they ask, and please if a guild member sends you a tell please respond to them. Even if the tell says " Sorry mate I'm already in a quest but could I take a rain check".

Another thing I would like to address is PVPing. The Eberron Dwarf Tossing League very rarely pvp's. We may for example want to test out a new spell to see how well we do with it. So two of us may hop into the pvp area to test it. We may also have a guild pvp night just for fun but this is a very rare occurance and hasn't happened to date. We are not big pvper's as we all prefer to run quests and develop our toons. So if you are a player who loves to pvp and would rather spend your time in the pvp area then we are not the guild for you.

Roleplaying is an essential part of pen and paper and it is welcomed in the Dwarf Tosser. Many of our ranks are older players and many do not roleplay but there are a few who do and would welcome it. On our guild website in the forums you will fine a roleplaying thread if you don't want to sign onto the game and just want to play your toon through words. Our guild website was built and paid for by the guild leader Tam and she tries to provide everything a guild member would need. There is a guild chat room on the website, threads in the forum for guild runs, a guild bank list ( since we don't have a shared guild bank yet ), information on all explorer area and maps in the gallery, information on crafting and collectables. A guild roster can also be found on the website but does not list all members. The guild website requires that you signup on the hosting site and that you signup on the guild page as well. This is too keep guild info private for guild members only.

================================================== ======

Guild Vitals:

Birth: Our guild was made back in Feb of 2009 so it's a fairly new guild. Many of our players have been around since Beta and we have new players as well.

Guild Leader: Tamariul is played by a woman named Rachael. Rachael is 25 years old and is a stay-at-home-mom to two little girls. She is online most of the time so if you ever need to get ahold of her, or just want to know more about the guild feel free to look her up or ask one of the many guild members if the guild leader is online and what toon she is on.

Member Count: We have around 58 or so members with about 15 of them being alts of other players. If real life pulls you away from the game you can always re join if and when you return.

Website: TheEberronDwarfTossingLeague.com

Important (please read):

In order to view the full website a login username and password will be required. Once you are accepted into the guild you will have full access to the entire website upon joining theeberrondwarftossingleague.com

05-04-2009, 11:27 AM
Guys! Our guild has formed a new Alliance between several different guilds. The Darkside Guild, Berry Goddess Inn and Swamp Foxes. Make sure you check out the guild website at theeberrondwarftossingleague.com and look in the forums for instructions on how to access the chat server!

06-06-2009, 02:15 PM
I ( Tamariul ) guild leader of the Dwarf Tossers am running a contest on our guild website. For those of you in the guild who read the forums and not the guild website, I am starting a Best Screen Shot contest. The best picture can be any thing from death lag, to something funny or just a really awesome shot. There will be 3 judges who will pick 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. All those who wish to participate send your screenshots to
eberrondwarftossingleague@gmail.com and Tam will upload the picture to the appropriate folder. Judging will last 2 days and the winners will be posted on the website, here and in the Message of the Day. The contest will run from June 11th to June 18th. The contest will close at Midnight on the 18th CDT. The Judges will then spend The 19th and 20th to review the pictures and make their decision. Winners will be announced the morning of the 21st and prizes sent out on the 23rd. The prizes are as follows.

1st Place- Winner's choice of a homemade batch of cookies, overnighted, or a game card with a 1 month paid sub to DDO.

2nd Place- $10.00 Visa/Mastercard Gift card to do with as you please

3rd Place- $5.00 Visa/Mastercard Gift card to do with as you please.

All Participants will get an in game item as well.

Everyone please check back to see who the winners are and to congratulate them!

11-04-2009, 11:10 PM
The contest is the EDTL Scavenger Hunt!

The contest will start on Monday Nov 9th and will run until Midnight EST on Monday Nov 23rd. All Entries must be received by Sat. Nov 7 at Midnight EST.


1. In order to enter the contest you must send an email to Avalynn at EberronDwarftossingleague@gmail.com with the subject Contest Entry. Once I receive your entry I will email you your list of items to find.

Each player will receive a unique llist of items to search for. No two players will have the same list.

2. Once you have found all of your items either find Ava and open up a trade window and show me all of your items so I can mark them off or mail them to her using the mailbox. Once I have marked off your items I will return them.

3. You must collect everything in your list and be the first one to turn it in, in order to get 1st place. If noone has turned in their items by the contest deadline then the person with the most found will win 1st and so forth.

4. You may party up and work together to find each item. However you may not trade or buy items from another player.

5. You may NOT buy your items on the AH.

6. You may NOT ask another player for an item.

The Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd are as followed.

3rd Place: Collapsed Portable Hole and Sign of Xoriat ( Shout 3x a day, Spot +7 and Will save -2 )

2nd Place: +1 Tome of your choice, Cloak of Shadows ( Hide +7, Move Silently +7, and Protection +2 ) and 20,000 Gold

1st Place: Spell Storing Ring, Bloodstone, 50,000 Gold and a blank Greensteel item or weapon of your choosing ( Donated by Cervun/Cervus ).

11-09-2009, 12:32 PM
sup my sister see you in game