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04-22-2009, 11:59 AM
So, one of my fighters I've played a grand total of 4 times or so since Mod 6 was released. I can't say exactly why, but I feel he's too ineffective in the current game, which is probably true. I'll start by posting what he is, and possible plans for the future. Feel free to comment, criticize, etc. Any advice is welcomed, though I may end up just keeping him as a bank mule.

Note: I'm not using a planner to post this, so it may be a bit messy. Also, I was in the process for swapping some feats out, so that's why I only have the regular TWF (Not even sure if I want to go for that).

Cleisthenes: Lawful Good Drow Male
9 Fighter/3 Paladin/3 Rogue

28 Strength (16 Base +2 Levels + 2 Inherent +2 Feat +6 Enchantment)
24 Dexterity (14 Base +1 Level +1 Inherent +3 Feat +5 Enchantment)
17 Constitution (12 Base +1 Inherent +4 Enchantment)
16 Intelligence (14 Base +2 Inherent)
8 Wisdom
22 Charisma (14 Base +2 Inherent +1 Feat +5 Enchantment)

Class order:
1 Fighter
2 Paladin
1 Rogue
5 Fighter
1 Rogue
1 Paladin
1 Rogue
3 Fighter

1 - CE (WF: Slash I believe as well)
3 - Mobility
5 - TWF
6 - Khopesh Proficiency (I swapped this in about a month ago)
9 - IC: Slash, Weapon Specialization: Slash
12 - Skill Focus: Use Magic Device
14 - Greater Weapon Focus: Slash
15 - Toughness

Rogue Skill Boost I
Drow Spell Resistance III (Planning to get rid of this line)
Elf Dexterity II
Elven Enchantment Resistance II
Elven Perception III
Fighter Armor Mastery II
Fighter Tower Shield Mastery I (Planning to remove this)
Item Defense II
Paladin Bulwark of Good I
Paladin Resistance of Good I
Extra Lay on Hands I
Rogue Disable Device I
Rogue Search I
Paladin Charisma I
Rogue Dexterity I
Fighter's Strength II
Fighter's Toughness II
Improved Trap Sense I

My current equipment setup (Which is extremely outdated):
Goggles - Spectacular Optics (Eventually Tharne's Goggles perhaps)
Armor - +5 Mithral Breastplate (Quite possibly the Raiment/DT Leather)
Bracers - Chaosgarde
Helm - Charismatic Helm of Intimidation (+5 on both)
Trinket - Head of Good Fortune
Cloak - Protection +5 (Mineral II eventually?)
Belt - Strength +6
Gloves - Dex +5 or Seven Fingered Gloves depending on what I'm doing
Boots - Madstone (Definitely plan on dropping these for Boots of the Innocent or something)
Rings - Chattering Ring, Seal of the Earth
Shield - Any non-Tower Shield (Currently the Kundarak Warding Shield :o)
Weapon - Anything (Eventually a Mineral II with Insight 4 on it)

Relevant Skill Ranks:
Search - 12.5
Open Lock - 5
Disable Device - 16
Use Magic Device - 18
Intimidate - 4 (Remember when it had that animation and a 10 second cooldown?)

So yeah, that's also basically what my fighter looked like when Mod 5 hit.

After looking over the prestige enhancements, I've decided that I'll probably be best served by going for PDK once it's available around Mod 10 or so (slotting in one of the others in the meantime), and finish at level 20 as 12 Fighter/3 Paladin/5 Rogue to bring up the rest of the important skills.

I made this character in Mod 2, and things have changed quite a bit since then, and quite frankly I still don't think I've adjusted to them on any of my characters. I've never really considered him a "Batman," as I just kind of winged the whole process of making him, though I imagine he falls into that category.

So to reiterate, any advice is welcomed, as I apparently need it.