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04-18-2009, 07:04 PM

I have had more recently the opprotunity to talk with a varying group of people lately, from my own server of Khyber as well as others in Lamannia which play on others. We shared some opinions and views together, and I have post some of those ideas here and there on the forums.

Please understand that while some or more of the veiws expressed here may seem critical or harsh, the goal of this set of threads is to find way to help improve our game if possible.

This is just one piece of a series of suggestions I will upload to the forums under the suggestions topic.

It is with sincere hope that consideration for these suggestions is given the respect they deserve, wether or not they find their way into the game. Mindfull of that, these ideas are just that, some mine and some others, please feel free to add your own, I only ask one rule:

Please keep each suggestion in its own proper thread.

I plan on posting numerous posts, with appropiate titles to ensure our ideas about specific items receive proper respect.

The topics will include, but not limited to:

Loot / rewards
Areas / instances


So many people are up in arms. They seem to seek to find ways to disagree with each other even tho they fight for a similar cause.
I find that digging up root causes tends to eliminate confusion and rumour.

Our beloved game is beleaguered by many players venting their fustrations at the current state of the game, communication, content, this, that, and so on.


Most if not all players who voice their opinions strongly believe their ideas have merit. This may or may not be the case. But what is inalienable is their right to express their concerns, best as they know how.

And to give the concerns of the playerbase weight, and acknowledgement
goes a long way to building a strong faith in our ideas.

Put it to you this way... Money is an Idea based on confidence. A dollar should ALWAYS be a dollars worth. Faith in the value of that dollar makes it STRONG.

In DDO we have a similar analogy, We the playerbase pay--- in good faith, that we will get a return value for money spent.

The problem is, the playerbase and DDO seem to have issues in the confidence of what a dollar is worth.

In other words, the playerbase is fighting amongst itself, as well with turbine, to aurgue whats the value of that dollar.....

So, what can be done about it?

1. Communication!

Cant ever agree on anything, if you dont talk. Secrets have never helped anyone get a fair deal (however, they work well for swindles!)

Tolero and company on the forums are trying to do what they can, to the limit of their abilites, or at least I believe so.

But people who make the decisions who dont inform the people who talk cause bottlenecks in communication.. and the playerbase is sensitive to such disturbances in the line of information.

2. Deliver the goods!

The playerbase has stepped up and is providing a sorta-steady flow of money into DDO coffers. DDO must honour this trade fairly, and if it cannot, it must try to negotiate a deal for extension, or suffer consquences.

3. Promotion.

This belongs in the topic marketing, but without hope all living things shall perish! Give the players hope they can believe in!

4. Growth

A game with a future is money well spent. A game which has no direction and no love is a loss of confidence.