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04-18-2009, 06:42 PM
Patches- hotfixes / module suggestions

I have had more recently the opprotunity to talk with a varying group of people lately, from my own server of Khyber as well as others in Lamannia which play on others. We shared some opinions and views together, and I have post some of those ideas here and there on the forums.

Please understand that while some or more of the veiws expressed here may seem critical or harsh, the goal of this set of threads is to find way to help improve our game if possible.

This is just one piece of a series of suggestions I will upload to the forums under the suggestions topic.

It is with sincere hope that consideration for these suggestions is given the respect they deserve, wether or not they find their way into the game. Mindfull of that, these ideas are just that, some mine and some others, please feel free to add your own, I only ask one rule:

Please keep each suggestion in its own proper thread.

I plan on posting numerous posts, with appropiate titles to ensure our ideas about specific items receive proper respect.

The topics will include, but not limited to:

Loot / rewards
Areas / instances


Of all the modules and patches we received, we give thanks to devs who made it possible.

But I hope to change the definition of what appears to be called "new content" in this game for all involved. It seems so innocent, yet cause for soo much grief.

ok. here goes:

NEW CONTENT: (nu-Kontent), noun. 1. A non-heretofore existing tract of land or area, consisting of one or more instances, with one or more entrances, filled with any sort of various flora and fauna from the world of ebberon. These may include but not limited to NPC's, properties natural and supernatural, skies of whatever demeanor, and the contents of whichever dev lost the designated driver contest and still had his wits about them. 2. Playground for the masses.

and while that is as close as I can come, therein lies another definition begged to be told.

PATCH: (paach), noun. 1. A release of various fixes to known issues and bugs to existing content. 2. To solve problems (holes) a patch is released. Also known as bug-fix, hot-fix, hot patch.

and last but certainly not least:

MODULE: (Mod'ul), noun. 1. A vast and highly sought after release of game data, usually accompanied by much fanfare, talk and speculation. Modules frequenlty hold huge amounts of NEW CONTENT, perhaps a PATCH or two.
Modules are different from new content in that they will contain more than just quests and patches. Usually modules will contain new races, classes and abilties. Also, frequently new creatures are introduced to the world.
However, the term module cannot be applied to data containing new content and or patches, without world-wide changes to gameplay and direction.

Those are just new content and patches.

So, mebbe why people are fighting sooo much on the forums and feeling fustrated is because they want to see the new module, and are instead seeing patches and not enough new content.

DDO has done a ton of things for "mod 9", but in my opinion most are in the patch category.

Perhaps some devs can see fit to make new quest in old areas, reuse the exisiting areas and story lines.

Say 6 new quests out in gianthold, or 6 new quest out in 3 barrel cove, What a beautiful wilderness, and it was populated by those horrors of old quests.... the new additions was great, but to get people to play in there you need to add mixed level content to those areas!! The blackloch was a wonderfull map, but completely wasted as the was nothing of any signifigance to draw players to visit. What a A SHAME. Pepper old areas with new content will give lowbies and high toons reasons to go and play.

instead of waiting to bring new content with various patches, in the form of modules, how about 3 new quests per month, regardless if patches come available, 1 new race added to the game per year, more would be welcome... like Gnomes, half orcs, half elf, shapeshifters, etc... 2 new classes per year, like Cavilier, Druids, ninja, Mystics, warmages, Swordsages and so on...

crafting and guild housing is fit for a module!

So when you talk about bringing a new module to the masses, say it with the same idea and confidence that the playerbase wants to share and believe.

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NEW CONTENT: (nu-Kontent), noun.
This guy looks pretty content.

04-18-2009, 06:54 PM
This guy looks pretty content.
http://www.pansophist.com/AkGnu.jpg Helllo, what's Gnu?

04-18-2009, 06:57 PM
Helllo, what's Gnu?
What's http://www.pansophist.com/AkGnu.jpg http://www.cfa.org/jpgs/tc/rotator.php?

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What's http://www.pansophist.com/AkGnu.jpg http://www.cfa.org/jpgs/tc/rotator.php?

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Funny guys but these threads are for serious suugestions about certain topics. Please try to refrain so people may comment along these lines.