View Full Version : Improved Combat Log

04-16-2009, 08:31 AM
With all the talk about the new UI, it occurs to me that the real problem for many people is how bad the combat log is. How about for a future release you consider giving us the option of a log that outputs to file as it goes, using the current date as filename (ie - ddo041609.log)

If you output the damage/healing in a csv format it would allow the number crunches to have some real fun. It wouldn't take much, just something like:

In the current log you see:

You hit KommunityKobold with 100 point of slash damage
You hit KommunityKobold with 10 point of good damage
You benefitted from Tolero's Cure Light Wounds for 500 points (wow that's some enhancements she has)
You hit Wimpypartymember with 400 points of heal

In the exported log you get:

healingreceived,Tolero, Cure Light Wounds, 500

Or something along those lines...

And you could have file options that set what goes to file (or just assume the same options you currently have set for the traditional combat dialogue display)