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04-13-2009, 05:42 PM
Hi there,

Just started playing DDO for the first time last night. I live in New Zealand, and would be interested in hooking-up with fellow kiwi's or Aussies that play here on this server.

Have played a variety of MMO's over the past years.. Asheron's Call, DAoC, WoW, Conan, WAR, Lineage2... Thought I'd give this a look too.

I still enjoy the pen and paper version of DnD when everyone's schedule allows for it, so I'm not a complete nub on the ruleset - just the mechanics of DDO heh.

I've started with a Dwarven Cleric by the name of Syntaros.

I'm not a needy guildy - won't harass for loot or coin, believe in the need-before-greed mentality. I do, however, enjoy grouping and meeting new people.

If you know of a guild that would suit, or are interested in helping a nub please let me know.


04-28-2009, 03:41 AM
The bloody toe cutters look for dawulf, holysheep, ludvic, or any of the cutters . Nakietta lvl 16 rouge

04-28-2009, 03:49 AM
Hey mate!!

I'm here from friendly Khyber server to say... Come Join us!!!

I'm a member of the Stormreach Theives' Guild which is a large *mostly* Aussie guild. We let anyone in (well, they let me in so that proves it!), but there are generally lots of people on in our peak time (like now..if servers weren't down of course).

We are also closely affiliated with the Phoenix Crusaders who are also Aussie/NZ players.

Now, I don't know who is on Thelanis, but I thought i'd come server forum jumping to let you know of our existence.


02-08-2010, 03:37 AM
Hello sir

I am wondering if you would like to join out guild. We are not a guild based in New Zealand or Australia, but we are on at most times and a couple of members live there. I will not promise fame and fortune as you can and probably have done all of that by yourself. I am hoping you might see potential in some of our younger members and may be willing to share your experience. You would definitely be an officer, though in a small guild I am sure you know that is just another term for do everything. We do have about 4 or 5 members in their 40s, so is not entirely a 20 something guild. Please consider us as you choose a guild, I have left the name of the guild and a description. I can only promise that the rewards of seeing young players learn the right way will be endless. Thank you for your time.

Credendo Vides


Credendo Vides is a small, but growing guild, mixing new players with experienced players. We welcome all serious, relaxed, team-players (pay-to-play & free-to-play) and strive to remain drama free. Credendo Vides is Latin, meaning: By Believing, One Sees. To many of the players of DDO, this sums up the game experience. To us in Credendo Vides, this is how we play our characters and therefore the game. We help our members develop and level their characters. A lot of our members are girls experiencing this game for the first time or even having played with their brothers and boyfriends. We also have guys who played paper & pen (tabletop) when D&D first came out, and know their rules. We do not try to cheat the game or the experience. We do share gold, items and knowledge with our newer members, as they develop and refine their characters, as they choose. Our guild preaches and teaches team play over solo play and we will start running multiple guild runs for quests. We are currently recruiting (see Holly or send tell) for like minded players..... By Believing, Ones Sees....


1) Guild leader: Holly - female Bard
2) Guild successor: Isabelll - female Bard
3) Guild officer: Morrigwyn - female Fighter
4) Guild officer: UrsoNovo - male Sorcerer / Barbarian
5) Guild officer: Eldarian - male Paladin