View Full Version : WOP Change I like it.

04-07-2009, 04:15 PM
People really should get over this and look to take advantage of it. Now you can get Weakening/Enfeebling Malodriot/BoneBreaking and they are all on the same level... So why are people not out there getting Elemental bursting picks of maiming. Either combo this with your wop or get a set to switch to... oh yes I know more time... well work as a team..gee a concept here :D I think this brings back the usefullness of a lot of other weaponds....go get creative... I am sure after a few weeks this won't be a problem as the people who can adapt and not wine (with the cheese) will figure it out.

/rant off
/flame on

P.S. the people that are complaining need an "EASY BUTTON" for everything. I for one an up for a challenge.