View Full Version : PvP Improvements

04-07-2009, 10:06 AM
I saw a few things listed in the notes for PvP improvement and I would like to make a suggestion. How about added a permanent random monster spawn in some (all) the PvP areas just to keep people on their toes. So at random times, a random spawn pops and you not only have your fellow DDO subscriber to battle, you have some other combatants as well. Could be interesting. I would further suggest different lvls for different areas so that lvls 1-4/5-8/9-12/13-16/17-20 each get their own PvP area to battle and appropriate lvl monster spawns.

For example, you are having a little sparring session with another player character and just when you think you have the encounter won, boom... 10 ice flensers pop and start attacking you and your original opponent.

Perhaps even have a pvp experience bar with special enhancements/abilities or items gained when certain lvls of pvp experience are aquired? That would probably upset too many folks thought, but it is just a thought. Maybe have rare red name spawns with a loot chest? Something to make it a little more interesting. It could buy some mileage for this game for those who are waiting months and months for new content.