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04-06-2009, 01:31 PM
If this is the wrong section to post this, please feel free to move it.

To be honest I do not experience as much lag as most complain about on this forum. I understand the problem is probably very complex and a combination of many things (such as data center set up, server set up, peoples personal PC’s, persons home network set up, etc…) and more than likely has to do with both Turbine as well as peoples home PC’s. But what gets me most is not a lot of effort from Turbine to gather information about the cause.

It could very well be that Turbine is reading the threads and gathering information from the user base unbeknownst to me or the rest of the player base. What the player base has been asking for is some insight into when this is going be fixed or some measures we the player base can take to help the problem get solved.

Here is one bit of information that may help. I run two PC’s at home, one is pretty much top of the line (“good”) and experiences very little lag ever, at least it is playable most of the time in virtually every instance. My second PC is a decent PC but experiences a lot of lag (if this was my main computer to play the game I would have quit a long time ago). Interesting enough, my second PC (“decent”) is well above the minimum standards that Turbine has put forth for this game. It is a Pentium 2.4mhz machine with an Nvidia 7900 (GT I believe) card and 4GB of RAM loaded running XP pro. These two machines are on the same network and connect to the game servers in the same way. The only difference is the build of the two PC’s.

So that makes me believe that the core problem with LAG is local to your PC. Basically your PC is not fast enough to run the game in its current form. Because that was my belief, I was pretty sure the change of the data center was not going to completely solve the LAG problem. Reading the forums, there seems to be some improvement, but it is definitely not solved.

Now on to what I believe the issue is. When porting monsters were added to the game (devil’s, orthons, etc…) the lag became huge for everyone. Even my good PC experienced lag many times I was around those monster types. Turbine then put in a fix, my “good” machine became very playable, but my “decent” machine started experiencing LAG issues everywhere. This leads me to believe, that the fix for porting monsters was to offload some of that work from the servers to peoples personal PC’s for all monsters. For those of us that have good gaming machines, we handled it just fine, but for those that had lesser machines, the real LAG problem started (if I remember correctly, the fix to the porting monsters problem came in within a month of the first data center move, someone can correct me if I am wrong).

Admittedly I am just going from personal experience and what I have read on the forums, but I thought I would pipe up, because I have seen too many of my friends leave the game recently with the primary reason being LAG. If someone from Turbine wants some of my help, they can contact me, I am more the willing to put some diagnostic tools on my personal PC’s to help with solving this problem and feed the information back to you. The ball is in your court Turbine, please give this issue the attention it deserves. Without fixing the LAG issue, mod 9 and “vast and mysterious” will probably not generate the excitement you would expect.

04-06-2009, 01:34 PM
That may be true in general, but if you're on Thelanis, it really doesn't matter what kind of rig you have. There's something extra special going on there.

04-06-2009, 01:48 PM
I run the "game" on three set ups minimum set up is a intel dual core 2 gb with nivida chip set lap top. my system is an AMD 4400 tri core + 3 gb and a nvd1a a gb video card. The other system is my sons which is an AMD 4600 tri core + 4 gb ram and some kind of monster video by nvidia (don't know the exact specs but its a huge card looks more like a big drive bay with dual fans and stuff) we can all play at one time with little to no lag. Spikes seem to hit us all at the same time. EXCEPT when running the shroud. If we are in it together we experience the same lag, however if only one of us is playing the shroud that person experiences much more lag than the other two. I beleive your on to something with the "porting" monsters thing.

04-06-2009, 02:11 PM
One thing I guess I forgot to mention, is my main rig is a quad core 2.4mhz cpu. DDO seems to actually do a decent jog using all of the CPU’s, I have a monitor up all of the time. It is not uncommon in the heat of battle for all four cores to go above 50%, that is basically the equivalent of 2 2.4 Pentium processors. If I was in that same scenario with my decent machine, only one 2.4 Pentium, my guess is I would be “lagging” because my CPU cannot keep up. I do understand that the correlation between cores is not necessarily a one to one ratio, but this is just some more information.

As far as Thelanis goes, I do agree that you all have some sort of “special” problem and I feel for you all.