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04-06-2009, 09:53 AM
The crackle of fire greeted my ears as I entered Sensei Karimata's chamber. He half turned at my presence. I thought his eye was drooped; he looked distracted. A trick of the flame? An easy smile replaced the surpirsed look when he turned to face me.

"Ah, my little, Blossom." He advanced.

Over the course of the last year my training and natural aptitude led me to be assigned as Sensei Karimata's personal student. His understanding of Ki and its connection to the world around us allows me to identify certain types of life energy, certain types of Ki. As he approached me I sensed no Ki. Before i realized it my instincts dropped me into Tiger dances Water Asecret stance the True Karimata had been teaching me.

The fight lasted only seconds, but it was clear my training and dedication to the Art would carry me through. The changeling who had replaced my master felt the tide shift against her. As we neared the south window next to the fireplace my enemy kicked used her foot to strike the coals in my direction, and in another motion threw herself through the window shards of it scattering, crashing to the floor. Her diversion purchased the precious few seconds she needed to escape.

Ignoring the minor burning from the coals i raced to the windows edge, and smirked. The changeling's retreat to the courtyard had sealed her fate. The portcullis was raised and the walls stood thee stories high-impossible for her to scale before my brothers and sisters arrived.

I lept and rolled through the window snapping into Dragonand Fire stance. Only to find the changeling had reverted to her flase Karimata form. and held the defensive Crane dodging Shadow The moment i understood her ruse my brother and sisters poured from the monastery.

04-12-2009, 01:36 AM
Love the story! :D