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04-05-2009, 08:57 AM
Hey, I was wondering if it was possible to make the party bars more helpful. For example when you mouse over them (or have a permanent option in options) have them display the actual hit points and spell points left in the 250/300 format. Also space them out a little more and in between each bar have a small area where debuffs can be shown. That way (as a cleric) after each fight I don't have everyone asking me for different things "Hey I need a lesser resto, Hey I need a remove curse, hey I need a remove disease" While some of them have little graphical things that appear over your head already, its still a pain in the butt would be a ton easier to just be able to look over at the party bar and see a mini debuff icon under their name and be like "oh that person is poisoned, cure, oh that person is cursed, cure" Just a couple ideas to make life a little easier.

In addition, make it so that when you are in a party everyone sees the group lined up the same. And if possible make it so you can swap people between parties if you are in a raid, so it is easier to designate healing. "I'll heal group 1, you heal group 2" This enables better use of the F-keys as well when targeting party members.

05-27-2009, 04:51 PM
I had a similar idea... and I've posted it before... and thought we had a dev confirmation at one point we'd get debuff info... but here's my most recent post of it and a bump to your suggestion:


If we have Phax's attention I'd rather see some more thoughts on a making party information more easily available. Specifically once the LFM closes I lose an easy to check race/classes/level guide to my party - I just have majority class icons, individual inspection or sorting through the who panel to get this information. Also... wasn't there going to be a means for clerics to see party member debuff status coming at some point? Who has negs/diseases/etc?

Maybe some UI checkbox for Detailed Party Info. Maybe take the current party/health/sp/ki draggable bars... give it a little more room... show race, classes and levels... and spare some room for mini icons indicating debuffs.

The debuff use is obvious. The race is for those of us healing wfg'ed vs fleshy or preparing spell loadout. The classes is so you know which bard might have ac song with 15 levels, or which character might have rogue skills with a splash or which characters might have evasion... etc.

And no... you don't really need this at L1-5... but at higher levels in quick forming PUG raids... awesome. Also... if players have 0 completions once they enter a quest - feel free to add a NOOB icon on their debuff list. I don't care if it's their alt and they've run the quest 1000 times.

P.S: I like your idea on showing actual HP/SP totals.... even if it's rounded to the nearest 10.