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04-04-2009, 07:12 PM
Hi everyone! Episode 111 of DDOcast is ready to go. Here's a LINK (http://www.cyberears.com/cybrss/5700.mp3) to the episode - just left-click to play, right click and 'save as' to download as an mp3.

Short show this week where I discuss a whole bunch of Mod 9 news. Thanks for listening! (3-4-09)


:10 Intro
:35 Loot and XP
2:11 Lammania! and Turbine Download Manager
10:03 LOTRO to XBOX 360
14:05 March Mayhem
15:50 Art of Shavarath: Demon Territory
16:52 /stuck
17:59 Dragonshards
18:53 Compendium Changes
20:25 Rings in Mod 9
21:52 Video Contests - U.S. and Europe
22:57 DDO-Europe Forum Changes
23:10 Maintenance note
24:00 Errata
24:45 Email


Total Time 27:07


LINK (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?&postid=2127713#post2127713) to info on Lammania (new preview server) and the Turbine Download Manager.

LINK (http://images.quickblogcast.com/82681-72328/mod_9_splashresized.jpg) to the new Mod 9 splash screen.

LINK (http://www.destructoid.com/rumortoid-lord-of-the-rings-online-headed-to-xbox-360-127139.phtml) to the Destructoid article about LOTRO coming to the Xbox 360.

LINK (http://www.escapistmagazine.com/forums/read/375.105116) to the final poll for The Escapist March Mayhem: Turbine vs. BioWare.

LINK (http://www.escapistmagazine.com/forums/read/375.104632) to the completed battle of Turbine vs. Nintendo.

LINK (http://www.ddo.com/article/1042) to the Art of Shavarath: Demon Territory.

LINK (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?&postid=2122180#post2122180) to info on the Mod 9 /stuck command.

LINK (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?&postid=2122183#post2122183) to Dragonshard combining in Mod 9 using the Stone of Change.

LINK (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?&postid=2122904#post2122904) to the DDO.com Compendium changes.

LINK (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KL7NVDTBVr4) to "My Stormreach Vacation" by Zoetic, the week 4 winner of the DDO.com Third Year Anniversary Video Competition.

LINK (http://community.codemasters.com/forum/showthread.php?p=5045407#post5045407) to the 3 finalists over at the similar competition taking place on DDO-Europe.


All right, that's it for now! See ya soon with a ton more. Expect stuff from Lammania as well.


04-06-2009, 11:35 AM
Well done and informative as usual.
Keep up the great work!!