View Full Version : To Guild or remain Un-Guilded

04-01-2009, 07:37 AM
Recruiting as of late, I noticed that un-interested players sometimes replied:

" No thank-you, I have had bad experiences with guilds."
" I do not like guilds, too much drama."

Well for one I would like to say that Darkside guild is drama free.
Darkside is a guild whose sole purpose is to create a social network of players.

Why is it beneficial to join a guild?
-Group cooperation to acheive a shared goal.
-Faster level progression.
-Easier favor progression.
-Communal Loot dispersion.

Why is it beneficial to stay un-guilded or in a "home-guild" or a "guild of one"?
I honestly do not know what the benefit of being un-guilded is.
I played the game un-guilded for a long time after launch, and I can notice the difference in my character progression.

So if you are on the line of whether to join a guild or not; consider the several benefits over any "perceived" negative aspects.

Join Darkside!