View Full Version : Pig needs a home!

03-28-2009, 11:46 PM

--I posted this on realm forum also, sorry for the double post, did not see this forum inititally--

returning after a LOOONG break

So I quit about 1.5 years ago and am back now, still remember the basics of playing and fighting, but have forgotten the dungeons I had at one point somewhat memorized...so, sorta new all over.

Pig is a Halfling Barb/Fighter 7/2. I will most likely only be playing a few nights a week, and am a fun/casual gamer type. Was wondering if any guilds out there want a lil mascot? : )

All I am looking for is a guild with some fun loving types, with enough in it where there usually be at least few other peeps on during the prime time hours. (I am west coast)

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