View Full Version : Player Focal groups to help develop new mods and patches.

03-27-2009, 11:26 PM
Tarrant/Tolero/Anyone with poer that might listen, would you explain the process at Turbine that dictates what features you are going to include in each coming mod, how you prioritize them, what bug/error fixes done? I'm sure some ideas comes from the forums (doesn't seem like much though). How do you determine whether something like this tumpts say, content or any of the other additions in the suggestion area? Assuming that I already know that difficulty in balancing and implementation has been taken into account.

Maybe a little insight into the minds of the creators will ease some tension. I see changes, but a lot are met with the "meh, ok whatever response". As I think people want to see other things instead. Ever think of having a focal group from the player base (not from the non player base which is common) browse over ideas and rate them on a scale of 1-10 and have them able to give ideas from the community. I'm sure you have a direction mapped out well in advance on some dry erase board (which are great for making changes!), but if you want community involvement, I'm sure there are many people here that would gladly volunteer. Just would have to be careful in screening/application so you don't end up with all power gamers and you get a good mix from all the servers. Of course they would have to sign a NDA. No different than a Turbine employee. Heck, maybe it will free up enough time so we can work on cutting down on the time between modules.

Just a thought., especially with all the people with suggestions and none of them responded to or announced to being added (now or later)..And yes I know you can't accommodate everyone, but one or two would help make it look like we aren't wasting our breath.

Everyone loves free labor too.