View Full Version : i'd like to see more skins for the common monster types, ogres & wights especially

03-25-2009, 02:06 PM
theres a lot of ogre clans, the runetusk on the restless isles.
The Zurat-khor ones that are around whisperdoom's change into a spell caster.
the normal ones on sorrowdusk.
the ogres around gianthold.

hobgobs could do with this sort of treatment also, the azrag-khor.

theres whole factions of wights in the first 4 tombs of the necropolis, they'd be nicer with a new skin.
animations would stay the same, just the gfx skin would change.

colour washes for different types of ghast/ghouls could result in some nice variety also. More greenish ones, or bluish ones, bruised ones, red tinted, orange or brown etc.