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03-23-2009, 01:14 PM
Ok I have played DDO off and on since Beta. I play Lotro steadily now and DDo every couple of weeks.

What I find hard is to remember all the sub plots and back stories behind the wonderful collection of quests you have worked so painstakingly to provide for us over the years.

Could you make a section in the compendium for quest back stories so new and old players alike can refresh their memories and get more into the lore you have developed here in stormreach?

Most players are forced to rush thru instances following the zerging parties. you barely have time to click click click to start the quest let alone figure our the purpose of it or the related story line.

Most relate to instances only from the loot drops or craft item drops not the story.

It would be nice to access or re-access this info for quests you have done previously. even re-read the collection of new mail you have posted over the years at our leisure too...

Also how about ability to access and to re-play ingame movies and viginettes like we had in AC2....while your at it.

Maybe just maybe the lore or story line might give the players a reason to stick around and follow the story twists like their favourite soaps...just a thought anyways...

03-23-2009, 01:21 PM
A player will likely have to start writing and collecting the info. I too like the ac2 movies, and be good to have history of stormreach movies that accessed. Maybe favor reward and 20 raid completion extras.

03-23-2009, 01:28 PM
all good thoughts, just so long as we could have a chance to access/unlock these past treasures...

03-23-2009, 04:27 PM
Since you asked and I happened to have it in a file on my desktop here is the mail. Each heading of NEWS is the start of a new newsletter. I think I have all of them here but I might have missed 1 or 2 of the really early ones.


War in the Waterworks
Warring kobold tribes in the subterranean realm of the Waterworks called for an immediate truce shortly before fleeing the sewers. Reports differ as to the reason, but one anonymous guard was quoted as saying, 'We ask the heroes of Stormreach to lend their swords and spells in the face of a dire threat.' The nature of that threat remains undetermined.

Smells Like Trouble
A waste disposal system in House Deneith malfunctioned today, resulting in the accidental discharge of a vast amount of fouled water. Workers were on the scene to clean up the mess, but the disposal system remains non-functional at this time. Residents of the ward are advised to boil or conjure water until the danger of plague has passed.

'Tesyus' Found!
A rare artifact, missing for centuries, was discovered in the Black Anvil Forest south of Stormreach. The Sovereign Host is currently investigating the situation. The Stormreach Chronicle spoke with Sir Kinze MacDunnam, a representative of the Sovereign Host, who said, 'The sword Tesyus was believed to be forever lost. It's a miracle that our agents uncovered its whereabouts, but the sword remains out of our reach. The Host is seeking brave souls to help reclaim it.' For more information, contact the Sovereign Host at its temple in House Deneith.

Tomb Raiding in Xen'drik
Several acts of vandalism were discovered yesterday in the wilds outside Stormreach. Sacred elven tombs dating from the Age of Giants were violated and desecrated by unknown parties. Avanti Moonwillow, a visiting official from the Undying Court, insinuated Drow involvement in the vandalism, but offered no further comment on the break-ins.


Scholar seeks rare and valuable documents.
Find me where people drown their sorrows.
- M.X.

Discrimination Hurts Everyone
New to Stormreach? Feel like an outsider?
Drow Outreach can help!

Investors wanted for high-risk, high-yield opportunities in Menechtarun. Watch this space for details.


Raiders Attack Caravan
Several wagons belonging to Phiarlan traders were attacked on their way through the Menechtarun Desert. The contents of the caravan were not disclosed by officials from House Phiarlan but they revealed the destination as a small settlement on the northern edge of the desert. The Chronicle spoke to House Phiarlan representative Maris d'Phiarlan who said, 'More important than the lost goods were the brave souls that fell to the raiders. Our prayers go to the grieving families.' House Phiarlan vowed to increase security and hire mercenaries to accompany future expeditions.

Ten Arrested in Phoenix Brawl
Ten individuals were arrested last week after a night out on the town turned ugly. The Phoenix Tavern, a long-time fixture of Stormreach nightlife, reported over seven thousand gold in damage and lost income after a friendly competition turned into an all-out tavern brawl. Patrons of the Phoenix and other taverns are advised to obey local laws regarding armed duels or face serious penalties.

Coin Lords Relax Trade Tariffs
Crediting decreased incidents of theft, piracy and smuggling, the Coin Lords of Stormreach are relaxing tariffs on foreign goods, including those from the island and desert regions of the continent. The new influx of goods is sure to liven up trade in the city, especially in taverns such as the Wavecrest Inn. Owner Sigmund Bauerson was 'overjoyed' at the news, saying, 'The Wavecrest has always prided itself on good food and drink, but the import tax made it difficult to obtain decent provisions. I mean, vegetable hash? What was that all about?'

Spire's Appearance Puzzles Many
An earthquake shook the area known as Delera's Graveyard yesterday, toppling tombstones and upsetting several funeral processesions. The cause appeared to be a stone tower of dubious origin that burst from the ground in the midst of the tremors. The disturbance and the appearance of the mysterious tower caused many to voice long-held concerns about the cemetary. One resident of House Jorasco who wished to remain anonymous said, 'I know we should honor our ancestors, but I'm tired of them coming back to life! And never to help, no... they're either a mindless corpse hungry for flesh or some spectral terror.' Lord Derek Grospic was unavailable for comment.


Tour the Restless Isles
Airship flights leaving Stormreach daily
Contact Zerchi Spirekeeper for details

For sale: enchanted club
Slightly used, one owner
Upgrading to Muck Bane
Check Auction House for price


Splinterskull Ransacked?
The taverns of Stormreach are aswirl with rumors that the Kar'Thul ogre tribe has pillaged the hobgoblin fortress of Splinterskull. Now, the Chronicle's scouts report another twist -- the great spider Whisperdoom is absent from her lair. Have the Kar'Thul slain one of Xen'drik's most notorious beasts? Or is some darker scheme afoot?

Delera's Defiled?
The Stormreach Gravediggers Union has once again stopped work, blaming disturbing lights and noises from the spire that recently burst from the grounds of Delera's Graveyard. Is this an omen of awakening evil, or a cynical bid to raise gravedigging wages? This writer is too scared to investigate!

Haywire's Folly!
The rogue artificer Phineas Hayward is back at his old tricks. After promising to ship several 'improved golems' from his workshop near the Black Anvil Mines to House Kundarak, Haywire failed to deliver, failed to explain himself, and, in fact, vanished entirely. Invited to comment, Barrow d'Kundarak merely shook his head and sighed.

Cult of Madness Gone Insane!
Trakash the Gatekeeper has learned the location of an ancient quori temple from a newly-recovered Xorian cipher. According to Trakash, the Cult of Madness has also found the temple, and may be close to aligning its gates with the dread plane of Xoriat! Adventurers lacking a sense of self-preservation should speak with Trakash.

Jorasco Jitters?
Anabel d'Jorasco was recently snatched from the streets of the House Jorasco ward. Before Jorasco could investigate, she was found wandering near the entrance of Parthilcar Tower Crypt. Anabel could not explain her ordeal, but described 'seeing lots of people I know' and 'having thoughts that weren't my own.' The Chronicle wonders: has House Jorasco deviated from the manufacture of protective potions to potent potables of the fermented variety?

Penitents Restless!
Most copperless corpses end up in Delera's Graveyard, but the husks of the criminally insane are hauled a bit further, to the dreary plots of Penitent's Rest. Despite a Stormreach-wide ban on the interment of necromancers, Moonshadow Lightfoot (a.k.a. 'Deathshadow') was recently buried there by permission of a certain Coin Lord. Recent screams, howls and shrieks beyond the gates of Penitent's Rest suggest that Deathshadow sleeps but little. The Chronicle asks: how are the Coin Lords sleeping these days?

Shadow Crypt Secrecy Slipping?
Dame Calla Swiftmare has repeatedly refused the Chronicle's requests for an interview, saying our publication is 'even worse than that rag from Korranberg!' We admit that our pages do not cater to the sensibilities of sharp-tongued Silver Flamers -- they cater to adventurers! In this spirit, we inform our readers of scuttlebutt amongst the Emerald Claw that the Shadow Crypt may be close to opening. No opportunities for gold and glory as of yet -- but perhaps soon? Dame Swiftmare, we invite you to speak directly to our readers and set this matter straight!


Kai-Teng Fairuza Demands Immediate Assistance!
The brash Emerald Claw leader urgently requests the aid of all able-bodied adventurers to enter the depths of the Shadow Tombs and Crypt. What has triggered this sudden assault? The Chronicle has learned that Dame Calla Swiftmare, the distinguished Silver Flamer, has ventured into the Shadow Crypt alone! Before leaving, she claimed that a group called the 'Shadow Council' had betrayed the Black Abbot and agreed to help her slay the vampire Nerezza! But Kai-Teng distrusts the so-called Council, and so do we! And though he won't admit it, privately, we believe Fairuza is worried for his fair rival's safety! Are Fairuza and Swiftmare dire enemies, or secret lovers? If Calla does not survive her latest folly, we may never know! Those who wish to dig deeper should join the caravan in Phiarlan.

Stunning New Architecture Arises in Necropolis!
Strange new structures have appeared overnight in the Necropolis Graveyard. Did countless cultists raise them secretly in the night? Or is the Black Abbot's sorcery to blame? Perhaps the latter, for as the fog lifts, some claim to have sighted the residence of the Black Abbot himself. When asked to comment on the changed appearance of her tavern, Julia Farind said, 'I went to bed, just like any other night, and when I woke up, everything was so different! I'm scared out of my wits, but my patrons seem to like the new look....'

Kaltrop Warns of Elusive Undead!
Kaltrop, Stormreach's resident expert on all things undead, has a warning for those seeking to conquer the Shadow Tombs and Crypt. He's heard rumors of several new types of undead -- monsters of a dark and ghostly nature. It seems that humanoids are not the only creatures that have been touched with the taint of shadow. Beware of any sudden weakness or swift withering of muscle mass, for according to Kaltrop, these are the first signs of the creatures' attack! Kaltrop strongly encourages all delving into the tombs to travel with a cleric armed with Deathward and Restoration.

Reported Dragon Sightings Increase Tenfold!
Reports of red dragons circling the great houses of Stormreach have exploded over the last month. When asked to comment, Derek Grospic stated, 'Get this straight: there is no reason to panic! True, the Coin Lords have not spoken with the dragons. In fact, we've sent half a dozen envoys across the sea to Argonnessen, and none have returned with a response. But what of that? The dragons are arrogant and powerful; surely they are too busy to bother with our fears. Nevertheless, the City Guard has been doubled, placed on high alert, and armed with magical weapons -- all to reassure the good folk of Stormreach that there is no reason whatsoever to pack up and run for the hills!' Very comforting words from the Coin Lords.

Keep an eye open, Stormreach, for around the next corner could be rags or riches!


Trainers Tune Teaching Techniques!
The largest conference of trainers ever assembled within the walls of Stormreach recently took place at Livewood Theater in House Phiarlan. Talk was spirited but the central subject was, without a doubt, what the trainers could do better to help adventurers support and defend the city. After several days of heated discussion and argument about the best manner to do this, consensus was finally reached. Adventurers will find the decision of breadth or depth has been left up them! Trainers have also been pushing forward and are constantly developing new techniques and enhancements to teach to Stormreach's finest.

Eau de Adventure!
Residents of Jorasco and Kundarak report the stench coming from several doorways has dramatically decreased in the past several days. These houses are known hives of villainy, and the odor alteration provides evidence that several of their devious denizens have packed up and left town. Ulfgar d'Kundarak has been quoted as stating 'We believe the issues present in these houses should be able to be resolved by a single well outfitted adventurer. Wait, what? There's a what in the vault? Are you sure? I've got to go.' At this point Ulfgar and his assistant sprinted as fast as dwarves can really sprint back to House Kundarak's coffers. We approached Rhialle d'Jorasco for a comment, but she was too busy communing with a tree.

Agent of Argonnessen's Arrival Anxiously Anticipated!
We have received news of the Dragons of Argonnessen! As you remember in our last issue we reported that dragon sightings over the city had increased ten-fold. The Coin Lords had sent numerous couriers to Argonnessen to try and discover what the dragon's intentions are. High level sources close to Coin Lords themselves have reported a letter was received earlier in the week providing some details as to what's going on. 'Within a few short weeks our representative will arrive in Stormreach. If you do not address her concerns within a short period of time, we will be forced to address them ourselves. I'm sure you can find out what happened the last time we had to deal with a matter on Xen'drik.' While the Coin Lords might not care to know, this reporter did his digging. In defeating the giant empire that used to dominate the continent, the dragons unleashed a devastating power destroying much of what lived on Xen'drik. I'll do my best to get an interview with this mystery representative once they arrive, but after that folks, my bags are packed!

Lost Kitten!
Darren d'Deneith is reporting his son's kitten has gone missing. The cat is an orange-red color, and features some odd looking outgrowths on his back that appear spiky in nature. The cat responds to the name 'Snuggles.' If found, please contact Darren d'Deneith. He can be found between the Foundry and docks in House Deneith.

Keep your nose clean, your sword sharp, and your eyes to the sky. The dragons are coming!


Agent of Argonnessen Arrives at Last
Two agents of Argonnessen recently arrived on Stormreach's shores and have decided to setup in a small abandoned stall in the marketplace. This reporter is forced to ask, why the sudden interest? Dragons have been scouring the skies and city for several months, and now two official agents arrive? I tried to speak with these two women of ravishing beauty, but they didn’t have much to say, except for spouting off several insults about me being of a lesser race and not worthy of standing before them! The audacity! If you think you can convince them to speak with you, or if you enjoy being insulted, Cydonie and Genecia can be found at the south end of Silversmith Road.

A Fanciful Ditty about Frozen Dragons
Our resident travelling bard, Menemas Songweaver, has finally returned from his latest adventuring trip. He often goes into the depths of Xen'drik for several months before returning with a tale of what he found.
The sky moves swiftly,
The clouds are dark,
A light shines faintly,
Thus I embark.

Monsters tower above,
Lava flows beneath.
A tight crystal glove,
Forms an ancient sheath.

Armies come from far and wide,
Pledged to a legend reborn,
Ancient rivals will soon collide,
Xen'drik's future is forlorn.

Farmers Fight to Fortify Fields
Many years ago the Cerulean Hills was a prosperous farmland, providing a plentiful bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables to a daily farmer's market. This open land of gently rolling hills and cascading waterfalls lies just beyond the harbor's southern gate. Within, a glorious white marble temple to the goddess Arawai provided shelter and kept the land fertile. Then, the orcs came. Now the farms have been abandoned, the temple is in ruins, and the hills sing a song of sadness. Perhaps some good can be returned to this once glorious land.


Message in a Bottle
Enjoying a quiet outing with a lady friend on the recently opened Kundarak Beachfront, I was suddenly attacked! Not the usual sort of assault that a titan of warfare such as myself is used to, this was much more dastardly! After letting out a sharp yelp which scared my date half to death, I sat down to assess the damage. What do my eyes behold? A bottle? Attacked by a bottle? These litterers are getting out of control, the Coin Lords really should crack down on the crime in this city, and fines for littering should be the front line! After picking the glass out of my tender foot, a blood soaked message caught my eye. 'Duergar attack ... resort dreams crushed ... daughter held hostage ... Ataraxia’s Haven ... Help!' Daughter held hostage?! If only my foot wasn’t injured, I won’t be able to adventure for at least a month now. She’s probably not that attractive anyway.

Tangled Tales of Sorrow
I recently made a stop by the One-eared Bugbear Tavern for the finest ale in all of Stormreach. I typically make this trek every few weeks to visit my good friend Acolai and to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere. While there, I heard some frightening stories. Lost barmaids, wandering giants, spider queens? I thought to myself, 'This isn’t the Tangleroot I know.' Another adventurer relayed stories of similar occurrences happening in Sorrowdusk Isle. It sounds like these areas have become more dangerous, adventurers use caution.

Stormreach Ink
There has been an increase in the number of interesting facial markings appearing on adventurers around Stormreach. It is the job of this intrepid reporter to get the scoop for you folks. My search brought me to the Hall of the Mark in the Harbor. While there I attempted to ask some questions, but they had no answers for me, they just asked me questions in return. How rude! While there, I did notice quite a few books strewn about the room that would shed some light on the subject, however I couldn’t be bothered to read past the first page. What I was able to gather was that those whose veins flow with the blood of the great houses may have the power to manifest dragonmarks, which are potent symbols of draconic prophecy. I don’t know about power or prophecies, but wow those things are sharp looking!

My dear Thanolin, it has been so long. Oh how I miss thee. Please stop hanging around your old haunts and come back to me.

Missing: My pet scorpion Schenker has been gone for quite some time. Please contact me with any information. - Frobee Redmace


Reaching New Heights

The other evening I was drinking ale at the Phoenix Tavern with a new lady friend. This, as you know, is not all that extraordinary, but what happened next, surely was! After saying my goodbyes and giving profuse thanks for those who generously paid my bar tab, I stumbled towards home. Using my innately superior sense of direction, I took a detour and came upon a caravan I had never seen before. Next to said caravan was a gate! My curiosity piqued and my sense buzzing, I entered the gate and behold! An enormous volcano looming over a beautiful landscape! I ventured forth into the eerie ambience. Unintelligible chanting echoed from the distance. I took several bold steps forward, when suddenly a pack of ravenous wolves darted around a corner and began chasing after me! ME, yes me. How dare those wolves? Discretion being the better part of valor, I retreated quicker than you could say, 'Warforged Sorcerer.' Due to my incredibly busy schedule, I have yet to return. However, adventurers seeking a challenge should venture into the Searing Heights. Beware of the chanting wolves!

Romancing the Bloodstone

Recently I had an opportunity to honor a local adventurer, Colton Wilder, with my presence for an interview.

Stormreach Chronicle: Colton, thank you for waiting, please tell my loyal readers about this life long quest you have been on.

Colton: Well, you see, I have an unnatural infatuation with a stone that may not even exist. What I seek is the Bloodstone. Supposedly it is guarded by an ancient mummy in the Sands of Menechtarun, but I have yet to find it!

S.C.: You are infatuated with a stone that may not even exist?

Colton: Well, yes. What is so wrong with that? I know it exists though, it calls to me at night. I hear its high pitched wail. It is what spurs me on, what makes this sorry life worth living. I must find it. I WILL find it!

S.C.: You seem rather convinced of this. I wish you the best of luck in your journeys, Colton. Now leave me before you infect me with your madness.

Colton: It will be mine. Mine all mine. Do you hear me? MINE!

That is the point that I ended the interview and ran away fearful for my life. I don't understand why he doesn't just look on the auction house; I bought two just the other day. They make wonderful paperweights.

Battle of the Bards

There have been many complaints regarding the bards of Stormreach lately. Patrons and adventurers alike have stated that they are becoming too stale and bland. In order to remedy this, local bard, Stacata Lumpkins has taken it upon himself to organize a gathering of Stormreach's finest at the Livewood Theater in House Phiarlan. There, they can share trade secrets and become more in touch with their craft. Improved specialization seems to be one of the major topics being discussed. In a related note, several wizards have already appeared to protest the Bard rally. One had this to say, 'How are we supposed to memorize our spells with all this darn noise? These bards have no respect! Crazy kids and their crazy music.'


You saw me, I saw you. You snarled, I trembled in fear. Your horrific glare terrified me. My fleet feet annoyed you as I ran far away through the kobold infested sewers. Don't ever come near me again you stupid troll.

Wanted: Fire resistant cloak. While exploring Searing Heights, I had a tussle with a fire elemental. My favorite cloak is no more. It makes me frown.


Unholy Ascension Upon Us!

The Black Abbot has summoned all those in Stormreach and beyond to join him at the gates of the Black Mausoleum to witness the birth of Eberron's newest god. I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with a worshipper of the Black Abbot. But before I get on to his interview, a personal editorial note. Signing yourself up on the side of a new god before he becomes a god, is probably a pretty good health insurance plan. Now on the interview.

S.C.: Welcome random cultist guy. What can you tell us about this ascension?

Cultist: The Black Abbot will become a god, nothing can stop that. Those not with him stand against him. Those against him will serve as fuel for his deific cleansing of Eberron.

S.C.: I think that makes pretty clear where I officially stand. So, this ceremony, will there be punch and pie? Because I know for a fact you'll get a ten percent greater turnout if you have punch and pie!

Cultist: Punch and pie? The one who defied the Lady, the man who embraced the dead, the figure who stood before the gods and spat in their faces, is about to do what that harlot Vol has failed to do for centuries! Ascend and grab the reins of ultimate power! And you want punch and pie?!

At this point in the interview the cultists eyes began to burn red with an unholy fire. With the revelation that there would be no punch or pie, I decided I had learned enough and called the interview right there.

Tower of the Twelve Announces Metamagic Metamorphosis

Reprensentatives of the Tower of the Twelve recently held a press conference where they revealed a massive breakthrough in the enhancement and alteration of spells. The Gatekeeper had the following to say:

The scholars of the Twelve have been working dilligently these past several months and have made several crucial breakthroughs in the area of increasing the power of spells and magic through the use of metamagic abilities. The regents of the Twelve have decided to share this newfound knowledge with Stormreach's students of arcanum and divinity. In exchange, the Twelve expects that when they sound the call for help, Stormreach will respond.

After the conference I managed to pry this little tidbit out of The Gatekeeper, off the record of course, wink wink nudge nudge. 'I don't know when the regents will sound the call, but I fear it looms ominously just beyond the horizon.'

Pack Rats Rejoice

Not to be outdone, the Stormreach Tailors Union held a press conference of their own just hours after The Gatekeeper finished speaking. The topic you ask? Vastly increasing the amount of storage space in our personal packs. Not very exciting you say, which is true, I was a bit underwhelmed, until he also added that they would be increasing the organization of said packs. My ears perked up at this. I've been a great fan of the trinkets and odds and ends that come from the sewers. I call several of the people who collect them rather good drinking buddies, but it had always been a terrible nightmare to find where I had put all of these collectables. I was able to demo one of these new bags, and let me tell you: the pack is designed to expand in size if you have more items to put in it, and has specifically shaped inner pouches for each and every thing you could hope to carry around. If the Black Abbot had created these first when he becomes a god, I would worship at his feet every day.

That's all for me this issue Stormreach. Keep your metamagics turned on and double check those bookcases.


Tower of The Twelve Open for Business!

The Gatekeeper, a master of The Twelve, has politely asked for some space in this edition of the world famous Stormreach Chronicle for a message from The Twelve. After last edition's chronicle and the choice words he had for me off the record, I politely declined. Once he started mumbling strange arcane words and my feet started tingling and growing fur, we came to a gentleman's agreement. Without further ado, the Gatekeeper.

Adventurers of Stormeach, I bid you heed my call! I know we of The Twelve have seemed lofty and aloof, living in a world above and beyond yours, a world filled with magical power beyond your meager comprehension, and to date, that has all been true. However, I fear we have erred greatly, and now I beseech you come to our aid. We have dispatched all the resources at our disposal to remedy this issue, yet none have returned. Xen'drik and the whole of Eberron are in grave danger. We do not make this plea lightly, we had no plans of letting anyone but the finest of adventurers, those who the most epic of tales are written about, in to our arcanely infused grounds. Even the best laid of foundations will crack and break under the most intense of pressures. Our gates remained closed during the threat of the Warforged Titan, sealed while Lailat raised an army in the Menechtarun, barred as the Stormreaver rose to power, steadfast while the Black Abbot nearly ascended. We have now flung open our doors. Our foe is not to be taken lightly and our situation is the most grave we have ever faced. Come now adventurers of Stormreach, our grandmaster, Gustavine Kyerrh urgently requests you meet immediately for an audience. Your expertise is in dire need.

Educators Import Advanced Abilities

The Trainers of Stormreach's various adventurers have reported a new influx of knowledge and techniques from the continent of Khorvaire. Several ships carrying important documents and teachings were able to run the pirates blockade and deliver this crucially important information. Several ships were wrecked, but the captains feel in time they will be able to recover the lost information. The pirates have greatly increased their raids as of late, and I don't think the Coin Lords will be able to stand for it much longer. But in the short term, adventurers of all shapes and sizes, colors and creeds, should head to their nearest and dearest trainer for crucially important new ways to kill the beasts of Xen'drik.

Strange Machine Unearthed

The Twelve have reportedly discovered a relic of the long lost giant empire. Rumors abound that this is an ancient transmutation device, able to take specific combinations of items and change them into something new. Your faithful reporter hasn't seen any of these devices, and personally believes this story to be a load of poppycock and rubbish designed to lure adventurers out to wherever The Twelve need them, where the Gatekeeper will promptly sacrifice them in a massive arcane ritual. What? You say he's still in the building? This ritual would of course be designed towards saving all of Xen'drik, as The Twelve is kind and benevolent. They in fact have the finest punch and pie in all of Eberron, I've been to a banquet there, it was exquisite.

That's all for this issue Stormreach. Stay dry, stay warm, stay covered in your enemies blood and entrails!

selbbepgninetsilgsgiwtrairbneergksuhtsucolslatepyl ilnainammalllecygrenenorrebe


The Twelve Stay Resolute Against Invaders!

Today, much like yesterday, I was hungry for pie. So I headed over to the Phoenix Tavern for bite. And like yestereday, I couldn't help notice that gigantic smoking crater in the middle of the Marketplace. It sits there, reminding Stormreach of the day Shavarath attacked. Some of us try to live our lives as if nothing happened, hiding in our daily pie. Some of us run away, sailing back to Khorvaire, or just running naked into the woods. But some of us choose to confront this new danger head-on. That's what The Twelve is doing. For today, several of the most powerful mages of the Twelve arrived, swearing that the infernal Shavarath Devils would not succeed while they stood. Still, they can't do it alone, says the Gatekeeper.
'If you are strong, you can help. Speak to the Grandmasters at the crater. And if you're not strong, then become strong.' The Gransmaster adds, 'We need every adventurer in Stormreach.'

Master Ji'an In Stormreach!

For decades, hopeful students have sought out Master Ji'an, seeking answers to the riddles of the multiverse. Yes, those same eternal questions that plague you like that itch you can't quite reach... such as 'how do I reach enlightenment in this chaotic world' or 'how do I break a troll in two with my bare hands?' Since arriving in Stormreach, Master Ji'an has been answering these questions for more students than ever before. 'I wish I could do more', says Ji'an, 'but I am only one man.' No need to worry when his classes fill up though. True to monk tradition, his best students are in turn showing others how to kick kobold behinds.

Low Tariffs Lead To Three Barrel Piracy

A few issues ago, we spoke with the Coin Lords about the lowered tariffs on Thunder Sea shipping. At the time, everyone expected it to bring in more trade and wealth for everyone in Stormreach. And it did! Thanks to my editor for the nifty raise!
But, in the last few months we've also seen a side-effect: the explosion of piracy. The Coin Lords once almost eradicated it entirely, but yes, it's back, bigger than ever. New so called 'Pirate Lords' roam the seas, taking dozens of ships each month. Conservative estimates place the economic loss up into the millions of platinum pieces. The Stormreach Guard think these pirates are based somewhere near Three Barrel Cove, but with the recent Shavarath attacks they lack the manpower to deal with it. So is this a golden opportunity for an entrepreneuring adventurer? This writer certainly thinks so!


Great opportunity for goblin hunters. Speak to Popovka in Stormreach Harbor for details.
Halfling entertainer available for private parties. Book yours today with Madame Fiona!
Seeking experienced sailors for high seas adventure. Wages given out on profit-sharing basis. Only the toughest and most cunning need apply. Seek out Captain Rackam in Three Barrel.


New Emissary, Old Threat!

Dearest readers: Has the past ever risen up and bitten you somewhere you really wish it hadn't? I speak not of ex-companions; nor of ancient Menechtarun scorpions; nor indeed of late fees on unpaid import duties on pie ingredients from the great bakeries of Sharn. No - what I speak of is far worse! According to Aurben, a recently-arrived emissary from Argonnessen currently to be found on the south Silversmith Road in the market, an old foe of Stormreach has risen from the grave as a mighty lich and now threatens the city! Who is this foe you ask? Citing the danger of mass hysteria, Aurben refused to comment further, but he has raised a call to all able-bodied heroes to meet him and discuss the topic in greater depth. Such intrigue!

Dragon Sighted Over Korthos

In an apparently unrelated development, Korthos Island, one of the more picturesque ports along the sea-route from Xen'Drik to Khorvaire, has been attacked and besieged by an army of Devourer-worshipping sahuagin! Rumors abound that a white dragon is in league with the vile fish-people, blockading the Korthos harbor and sinking any ship that dares approach. Woe betide any new arrivals from Khorvaire hoping to make a name for themselves in our glorious city...

Sudden Deluge of Mercenary Talent

During my regular scavenge for the very best in Stormreach pie yesterday, I was suddenly accosted by a very strange man trying to sell me bits of paper he called 'Contracts'. These magical scrolls are bound to various down-and-out mercenaries who have apparently invested themselves in this novel scheme to see their deadly talents go to better use ... and to better line their pockets. Bellwether Bill had this to say: 'Hey, if you can't do it yourself... hire someone to do it for you. Oldest trick in the book, mate.' I wonder whether their duties will include fetching pie?

Looks like my first one dates from around the time the desert was added. I think there was a mail wipe around that time so I don't have the earlier ones.

Need to make sure I have the most recent one saved off as well.

03-24-2009, 10:06 AM
why couldn't these have been captured in the compendium along with the timelines so players new and old can review the game lore threads?

Hey dev's you taking note?


03-24-2009, 06:13 PM
Hmm looks like I'm also missing the titles for each of the mails. I'll have to see if I can find those.

Making alts that you never log into have an advantage. Each of the newsletters are not generated until you log in with a character. So characters I have not used since the game came out would have all of the mails up till now generated for them as soon as I log into it. Unfortunately I don't have many spare never touched alts at this point. I hope there is at least one left on one of the servers though.