View Full Version : Valhalla Permadeath Guild Plans Raids

03-20-2009, 09:59 AM
The Valhalla Permadeath Guild (Ghallanda) will be forming raid parties in the late Spring.

As a PD guild we obviously have to make some adjustments to party composition due to deaths (very inconvenient). However, we have enough toons closing in on appropriate level to run the Tempest Spine Raid. We are scheduling two runs with two teams on Memorial Day Weekend.

After that we hope to run Vons Raid and Titan preraid by July.
Since our guild bylaws preclude the use of the AH, Brokers and buying consumable magic - we run a very specific set of quests to prepare for raids. This is why I am reporting this event very early on.

Typically we hope to run a raid on a consistent basis with alternates filling in the ranks of the departed.

If you are interested in the challenge of preparing and running raids with permadeath toons - who did not use, spoilers, twinking, auction brokers, or consumable magic purchases to meet these challenge- please contact an officer of Valhalla in game, or send a note to me in PM.

KG Wiking