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03-19-2009, 04:36 PM
CatFancy is a guild that has been around for 2+ years. We mainly play in the evenings. We are a smaller guild but are experienced. This guild is for mature players only, not because we are perverts but really we just hate kids. All of our players MUST have a cleric. We are different type of guild in that we don't do raids nor do we ever even do quests. Our main objective is to sit around and discuss cats. We discuss all kinds of cats, cat nutrition, health, cat play, cat care, cat exercise, cat meows, litter boxes, etc. We discuss all breeds except Siamese because occasionally they have ended up being plat farmers. To be an officer you must have a cat breed name as part of your name. For instance, DrizztHimalyanCat is good but DrizztBassetHound is incorrect and really in poor taste.

For possible candidates we are not looking for totally pimped out characters (I say that but you know I really don't mean it) but everyday folk who like to mix their fantasy games with a little feline fun.

Currently we have a coalition with the following guilds:
Legendary Knights of Mabar
Cat Fanciers of Argonessan
Bless those Beagles

If interested in joining please see Monsterface

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can i join with my dwarf str based ranger, Cateater?

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03-19-2009, 05:27 PM
Who let WORM out of his cage???? ;)

Sorry guys... we are not responsible for his antics when he gets like this. :cool:

Funny stuff WORM! :D:D:D

Dex is looking for a thicker chain for that door to WORM's cage.

03-19-2009, 05:27 PM
can i join with my dwarf str based ranger, Cateater?