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03-16-2009, 01:35 PM
Are you tired of waiting for Mod 9? Bored of The Shroud and grinding
for lg scales? Missed the hoopla of 50% xp weekend?

Well my friend, if you had said Yes, maybe, kinda, er nope, or no not at all;
then come on in and let me tell you about our guild.

A new and possibly exciting guild has just started up and going by permadeath rules.

Permadeath rules? Yes, where u start off witha brand new toon and see how far
u can quest til u die! And when we say die we mean die..no rez shrine allowed.
But, we do allow rez from a level appropriate spell caster or scroll or cake(if u still have one)

Unfortunately when and if you die then simply just have to reroll. Quite a challenge.
Yes indeed. We allow brokers and vendors but no AH. and no sending of gear from
higher toons(aka twinking). Currently a weekend guild with a few on during the week.

Check us out at sps.guildportal.com

Stormreach Permadeath Society