View Full Version : The lost Journal of Stormreach

03-15-2009, 04:25 PM
To who finds this letter, my last here in Stormreach. I speak through my eyes and adventures alone. I traveld many lands, most in the midst of war, yet i still see kids run around and laughing, people walking the streets during the day going about there buisness. I found my self in a new city, Stormreach, and ther i see no life, there are people, none talk of goodness or laugh at a good joke. They stand around waiting their impending doom. I can not help but feel the weight, upon my self and feel as if my life will be snuffed out of me at any moment. I see no young running around laughing, no animals dare travel onto the lands execpt for a few butterflies. I see no life in this city. sure there are plenty there, none tho with smiles of life or hinting that the day may indeed be good. There is a threat here, none will argue such, I see all about me adventuerers, seeking glory and fame. I must leave now, looking to the horizon to find life agian, happiness beyond the value of coin. I wish to own an house and a profession out side of the slaughter of combat, in Stormreach none will find that. That is a sorrowfull day. If u find this write one adventure upon the next page, leave your mark and pass it along. Leave this journel in a public place for another to find.

Gurstech the Mighty Axe